Version 17.1 of Tigerpaw Has Been Released

Tigerpaw Software Update ReleaseEverything You Need To Know About Upgrading to Release 17.1

The new Version 17.1 of Tigerpaw is now ready for you to upgrade, and if you currently handle your payment processing through the integration with BNG, your upgrade should be quick and easy. If you are not currently using our BNG Payments integration, BNG is adding a $100 credit to your account when you sign up with them and upgrade to the new Version 17.1 before August 31st, 2017. Take a look at the preliminary list of what we are adding in the new version of Tigerpaw One. The final feature list will be available shortly. However, if you are storing any credit card or ACH account numbers in your current version of Tigerpaw you are legally liable for fines and additional financial losses in the event of a data breach. Read on to learn about the risk and what to do.

If you have customer credit card numbers stored in Tigerpaw, and your software is older than Version 14 (last updated by you more than three years ago), you are legally liable for fines and additional financial losses in the event of a data breach.

The Risk You Run By Not Upgrading At This Time.

Storing credit card and bank account numbers in your Tigerpaw database — even if encrypted — is no longer permissible under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, designed to protect cardholder data throughout the transaction process. The only way to become PCI compliant is to upgrade your old version of Tigerpaw and establish a relationship with one of our payment processing partners to handle your credit card transactions.

Please download our Tigerpaw Bulletin on this topic for more information.

The Benefits Of Upgrading.

The primary reason to finally upgrade your Tigerpaw Software to the new Version 17.1 is to protect your company from the real risk of credit card number theft and potentially business-crippling fines and damage to your reputation. But there are plenty of other great reasons to upgrade.

We’ve made major improvements to the Project Management function, added new Managed Print billing features, expanded the Mobile app, and made literally hundreds of small usability improvements, bug fixes, and feature enhancements. Click here for a complete list of what’s new since your last update.

How To Upgrade.

If you have been maintaining your Livebridge subscription your upgrade is free, but because your software is out-of-dated, you will need to go through a two-step data-conversion process. The complete set of instructions for setting up your payment processor and upgrading is available for download here.

What To Do If You Are Not Currently On Livebridge.

If you have allowed your Livebridge subscription to expire and are no longer on support, this would be a great time for you to upgrade to Tigerpaw One. You’ll get the latest version of ALL Tigerpaw modules and ALL add-ons (including the Mobile App), for one low monthly price per user.

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