Adapting Your Business During the Pandemic

The expression “business as usual” doesn’t have a lot of legs these days. Thanks to the global pandemic, businesses around the world are scrambling to adapt to new business realities. There is not a single industry that hasn’t been forced to change many of the ways they do business to better care for their customers and staff in the age of pandemic. Most businesses are looking for help and frameworks to make the right choices just to survive let alone thrive. In this episode of Tigerpaw Radio, we interview 4 business leaders who have done a tremendous job in not just weathering the COVID-19 storm but continuing in their missions to grow.



Adapting Your Business During the Pandemic


Details about last week’s important episode of Tigerpaw Radio:


  • · Jeff Bendix, President, Bendix Imaging & Bendix Technologies
  • · Kevin Morris, CEO, OneDOC Managed Print Services
  • · James Foxall, CEO, Tigerpaw Software
  • · Joel Vaslow, COO, Tigerpaw Software


  • How pickleball and fireworks are being used to raise spirits
  • Areas of growth in the Managed Technology channel
  • How they’ve helped transition their workforce to remote
  • Helping employees to avoid the groundhog day syndrome
  • The importance of people and advice on keeping them employed
  • Lessons from a business that has been running things virtually since its inception
  • Stories of inspiration from the trenches
  • What they are doing to “give back” for those not weathering the pandemic as well as others
  • The importance of recurring revenue during and after the pandemic and strategies for building the model
  • How and where to find sources of financial aid for businesses and employees

If you are a business owner or leader operating during the pandemic this is an episode bursting at the seams with useful tips and strategies for taking care of your business and the people that make it great. You can listen to the episode HERE.

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