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The AI Access Control Revolution

In the ever-evolving security landscape, the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming access control cannot be overstated. Brendan McFall, East Coast Operations Manager for Northland Controls, is keenly aware of this. In this insightful conversation with Tigerpaw host West McDonald, Brendan explores the dramatic changes AI has brought to access control and the significant benefits it offers to customers.  

In this engaging interview, you’ll learn: 

  • How Brendan’s journey from an executive assistant to operations leader has shaped his perspective on AI and security 
  • The paradigm shifts that AI has introduced in access control 
  • Why operators continue to play a crucial role in this AI-dominated landscape, as AI empowers them to offer enhanced security levels to their customers 
  • About the transition to phase 2 “machine learning,” enabling operators to switch from reactive to preventative security measures by identifying anomalies 
  • How AI is cutting down the number of false alarm calls, increasing operator efficiency and offering customers greater peace of mind 
  • The limitations of relying solely on credentials for secure access, and the increasing importance of AI in detecting anomalous behavior to thwart bad actors 
  • The synergistic potential of combining access control data with fraud departments to provide customers with value beyond security 
  • The unexpected but pivotal role of AI-enhanced access control in mitigating the impact and spread of illnesses such as COVID 
  • How “smart buildings” incorporating AI-augmented access control can dramatically reduce HVAC and lighting-related costs 
  • The opportunities for using access control data in organizational planning for a more efficient, team-based approach 
  • How the rise of AI, coupled with the convergence of physical and cyber security into a singular offering, is broadening the definition of the “security industry” into “Sec Tech,” promoting diversity of skills in the channel 

As AI continues to redefine the realm of access control, understanding its implications and potential applications is crucial. Don’t miss out on this compelling conversation packed with invaluable insights! 

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