B2B Social Marketing & Sales Primer: Interview with Brandi Rogers

As an MSP or other technology services provider, how up to date is your marketing and sales mix? If you aren’t engaged in social marketing and sales efforts, then the answer to that question is probably not what your business deserves. According to Brandi Rogers, Director of Marketing for CharTec inc., you had better start getting social and in a hurry. Of the 2.9 billion Facebook users, 1.93 billion are using it every day. 74% of them are using Facebook for business purposes, and 74% of them are decision-makers. That’s a whole lot of potential customers looking where you aren’t present.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Brandi Rogers of CharTec talks with Tigerpaw’s West McDonald about the essentials of social marketing and sales. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • The 5 fundamental pillars for social marketing and sales success 
  • The different ways to use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for top results 
  • What a “target audience” is and how to get their attention with social media 
  • The surprising social platform that is best for retargeting valuable leads 
  • Why you need to get a Google Business profile ASAP if you want a ton more leads 
  • What a “personal brand” is and why it’s so important in modern selling via social networks 
  • What “curiosity-based posts” are and why they work so well 
  • How you can get a FREE 30 second video for promoting your business on social! 

If you don’t have a social mix for your marketing stack, there is no better time than now to get it going before you get left behind.

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