Creating a WINNING Digital Presence for Your Company

In 2022’s digital realm, sales and marketing is no longer just about the company and the product. It’s about marketing your personal brand. The way you and your employees approach this dynamic shift has a major impact on your company’s digital presence… and your sales team’s results.  

So how do you make sure your organization and your people are ready to adapt and win in this new digital marketplace? Rick Lambert, Founder and CEO of, join’s Tigerpaw’s West McDonald to discuss this challenge and opportunity in the latest episode of Tigerpaw Radio.  

Rick Lambert is a social media, marketing, and sales coach extraordinaire, and he shares the tips, tricks, and reasons you need to start bolstering your digital presence today. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • Why building a digital corporate and personal presence is so important for growth 
  • How pro sports teams measure digital presence in their scouting processes (and why) 
  • How to create and use selfie videos to easily build your online prowess 
  • What a “selfie bootcamp” did for Xerox top performing sales reps 
  • How to use customer questions to create incredible videos that prospects will hunger for 
  • Why creating educational content helps win more business than promotional content 
  • How employee social posts get 10x more eyeballs than company posts (and why) 
  • Why your company needs to start its own podcast 
  • How M&A organizations are using digital presence now to measure valuations for acquisition 

As Rick says in the interview, “Sales and marketing is the fine art of helping people get YOUR way,” and his expertise in both shines powerfully in this exclusive Tigerpaw interview. 

As part of our commitment to helping customers run better businesses and sleep better at night, Tigerpaw brings a variety of industry experts to you. Want more ideas about using new channels and tactics to grow your business? Check out this interview with Janet Schijns, CEO at JS Group, on how to get your sales team selling effectively using social media.  

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