Distribution Disruption: Interview with Barney Kister, SVP at Supplies Network

For most people, the flow of goods and services isn’t something they think about much. For office equipment dealers and other providers of technology services, however, this flow has been disrupted to such an extent that it keeps a lot of folks up at night. COVID lockdowns in China, decentralized work, and a shortage of available components like microchips and spare parts are having long-lasting and often painful effects on how we all do business. It seems nothing is predictable.

A lot of the stress around giving customers the best possible experience, especially when a globalized and complex distribution network is in flux, is the unknown. Lack of knowledge makes it feel impossible to navigate what seems unnavigable. In this eye-opening interview with Barney Kister, SVP of Strategic Relations at DM Supplies Network, you’ll gain critical knowledge about the different forces changing how goods are distributed. More importantly, you’ll gain powerful insights into how to adapt to best benefit you and your customers. You’ll hear: 

  • How globalization of the supply chain didn’t happen overnight and why small changes in how it functions can have big implications 
  • How gain shipments from Ukraine can impact shipping for a myriad of seemingly unrelated products 
  • Why managing customer expectations is so critical right now and for some time to come 
  • What accessorial fees are and why their increase will impact pricing strategies 
  • What the decentralization of work (work from home anybody?) has done to distribution realities and timelines 
  • How the current economic and social climate has created teams of logistics managers that never existed before 
  • About the relationship between ketchup and toner distribution! 
  • Insights into the future of distribution and why there is no going back 
  • About the tips and secrets you can harness today to deliver a much better experience for your customers 

You may not be able to control a stormy sea, but you can learn how to surf, right? While global supply chain changes may be out of your control right now, this interview will help you learn how to best adapt for a stronger business and customer experience. You can access the interview here: 


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