Diversification Primer: Chip Micelli Shares Insights from 50+ Years of Doing It Right

What do electric charging stations and LED wall panels have to do with the future of the Office Equipment (OED) channel? According to Chip Miceli, EVERYTHING. Chip has been leading change and growth in the channel for over 50 years and runs one of the most respected and successful independent dealerships in the world. When Chip is willing to share his insights on what we need to do to grow in the next 50 years, we’d best be listening. 

In this candid and important interview, Chip Miceli shares what OEDs must do to not just survive in 2022 and beyond, but to thrive. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • How LED walls and EV charging stations are more like copiers and printers than most people think 
  • How to get more profit and fewer competitors by choosing the right diversification options 
  • Why recurring revenue for any and all new service offerings is so important 
  • Why copier and printer service is no longer enough as a profit center for growth (and what to replace it with!) 
  • Why “shiny new things” should always be on a provider’s mind when looking to satisfy new customer needs while growing the business 
  • How using LED panels, even if a customer doesn’t buy them, can be used as a door-wedge to open many other opportunities within an account 
  • Why modern dealers need to think more like contractors and less like they need to do it all themselves 
  • How to make recurring revenue from paper, wipes, pens, pencils, you name it! 
  • Why it is important to make sure your suppliers and other partners are making money too 
  • Why rising fuel prices are driving prices up for everything and why we may want to burn a lot less of it 
  • Why dealers must become visionaries if they intend to grow in this new world and new economy 

If you are looking to grow your dealership beyond just print, this interview is one you can’t afford to miss. You can access it here: 


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