Diversify or Move Aside: A Managed Services Business Success Story

It takes a special kind of person to grow a company to record levels during a pandemic. In the case of Jeff Bendix, President at Bendix Technologies, that success came from a willingness to diversify his business offerings long before it was ever fashionable. He’s just as excited about the current business climate, keeping an eye on massive growth opportunities.

If you are on the fence about diversifying your business for hyper-growth, this interview should change your mind. Join Jeff Bendix and West McDonald in this latest episode of Tigerpaw Radio as they discuss the secrets of revenue and market growth, even when times are challenging for most.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why Bendix started on his diversification plan way back in 2009 even though his managed print practice was booming 
  • The necessity of internal experts—not just partners—for diversification success  
  • How leading with security, no matter what the item being sold is, drives more business 
  • The key to continuously beating the competition as they struggle to keep up 
  • How to calculate the TRUE costs of security breaches that go far beyond the initial intrusion or ransomware attack 
  • Why those offering Managed Print Services must adapt to add user management, print policies and secure authentication in a “managed everything” world 
  • The tremendous opportunities in cybersecurity and managed print right now for those who are paying attention 

Bendix Technologies is celebrating its 20th anniversary and their growth has never been stronger. Tune in and get the insights you need to thrive in 2022 and beyond. 

Want to know more about the business potential in other managed technology services verticals? Check out our new eBook, “Managed Services Guide to New Vertical Growth” for all the details.

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