eCommerce Sales Enablement: Office Equipment Dealer Primer

Think eCommerce doesn’t have a place in your Office Equipment business? Think again.

Modern eCommerce toolsets, driven by business intelligence and smart algorithms, are changing the game for Office Equipment dealers. You might be surprised to learn all the ways you can harness technology to take back control in the changing world of office copy and print. 

In this latest from Tigerpaw Radio, Tigerpaw’s West McDonald talks with Randy Dazo from Keypoint Intelligence. Randy provides insights to help you take advantage of the secrets and strategies other channels have used to grow dramatically, even as buying habits continue to change. You’ll learn: 

  • Why Office Equipment dealers can no longer ignore the global proliferation of eCommerce and Marketplace offerings 
  • How to harness the power of eCommerce to achieve exponential increases 
  • How digital sales enablement can help alleviate the strain of sales labor shortages in 2022 
  • Why supply chain issues don’t have to control or slow down the buying process 
  • How to get new sales reps selling bigger deals faster 
  • Why we can no longer ignore new buying habits that prioritize independent research and decision making long before sales professionals ever enter the picture 
  • The reality of “foolproof” device configurations for even the most complex and feature-rich MFD 
  • How to keep Amazon and other marketplace options at bay  
  • Why you don’t have to sell via eCommerce to benefit from an eCommerce solution

It’s time to reconsider what eCommerce solutions can do for your business. Don’t miss this important episode! 

You can access this important learning here: 


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