Embracing Discomfort for Growth: Business Lessons from a Green Beret

2020 was a year like no other in recent history. It forced most managed technology providers and office equipment dealers to discover what it’s like to be uncomfortable. It introduced new realities of most people working remotely, print volumes dropping off a cliff, and extreme uncertainty of the future. It tested us and continues to test us, as leaders and business owners.

Tigerpaw had the honor to interview somebody who not only understands discomfort but also who teaches business leaders the world over to embrace it. Jason Van Camp, Green Beret, Chairman at Mission Six Zero and Executive Director at Warrior Rising, shares the lessons he’s learned over the years about how discomfort and uncertainty can be strong allies.

Join Tigerpaw and Jason Van Camp as we explore how discomfort and uncertainty in your business are much better and more necessary than you think. You’ll learn:

  • (01:57) Why discomfort is important for business: Jason shares his thoughts on why most of us should want to be less comfortable, not more comfortable.
  • (6:10) Why leaders should embrace uncertainty: Many business coaches talk about how to remove uncertainty from your business, not Jason. He explains why more business leaders need to embrace uncertainty.
  • (7:57) How leaders earn respect & trust for their command: Commanding is a special type of leadership and is only effective when respect and trust are earned first.
  • (14:49) Why you must verify as well as trust: Jason shares the importance of verifying the people you put trust in to ensure business success.
  • (17:05) How inspiration is better than motivation: Jason shares how motivating people isn’t our job and how inspiration is a better goal.
  • (20:03) The importance of a legacy and giving back. Jason says one of his goals is simply to be “a good dude.” He talks about how we can all leave the world a better place and why it’s so important to do so.
  • (24:45) One piece of advice: Jason will leave you with one important piece of advice as you learn to embrace discomfort and uncertainty for growth.

You can simply click the timing bullets above to take you to the chapter that interests you most, though we encourage you to watch the full video below.

Are podcasts more your thing? You can listen to it below.

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To learn more about Jason Van Camp and how he can help your business, here are some additional links:

  • Jason’s book, Deliberate Discomfort on AMAZON.
  • Warrior Rising: You can learn more about helping veterans to chart new paths HERE.

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