Ending the Tyranny of the Box

Everybody knows the expression “thinking outside the box” because when we’re feeling stuck or in need of a refresh it’s what we all try to do.  Getting outside of the box is how we find fresh inspiration and opportunity.  

The traditional WAN (Wide Area Network) has been around for a long time and is definitely inside the box.  How do you get the WAN outside the box? Is it even possible? Is there enough opportunity to bother? Join Tigerpaw as we interview Craig Shlagbaum, SVP, Indirect Channels, Comcast Business, as he lays out how we can end the tyranny of the box with the new opportunities of the SD-WAN.

Some highlights:

  • How SD-WANs better support the growing reality of cloud-everything.
  • Why ending the “Tyranny of the box” is so important for those looking to grow.
  • The verticals that respond best to SD-WAN alternatives.
  • How MSPs can mix and match their own offerings with carrier offerings.
  • The importance of stateful firewall and next generation-unified threat management.
  • Why we all need to embrace XaaS (Everything as a Service) if we truly care about growth.

Are you ready to finally end the tyranny of the box? This is an interview you won’t want to miss.  

You can access this powerful learning content in the way that suits you best.  The links for both the podcast and the YouTube video are listed below:


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