Exploring the Merge of Cybersecurity and Physical Security in a Hyper-Connected World 

Security services providers used to fall into one of two camps: those providing cybersecurity to protect their customers’ virtual assets and IP, and those offering physical alarm and security services to protect customers’ staff and physical assets. But for a rising number of security professionals, the distinction between the two is disappearing, and in some cases, has disappeared altogether.   

With the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence and IOT (Internet of Things) “everything” in the office, can there really be a separation anymore? West McDonald, Tigerpaw Chief Noise Maker, and globally renowned security expert Michael Gips, founder of GIPS Insights, explore this question as they dive deep into the convergence of security offerings in a troubling unsecure world. You’ll learn: 

  • What led an attorney who specialized in death row cases to move into the realm of physical and virtual security 
  • How the proliferation of connected devices (IOT) is impacting the physical security assets being deployed the world over 
  • How combining physical and virtual security can optimize the entire security spectrum and create powerful new forms of MRR 
  • Why movement into the Cloud has created a security paradigm that makes it easier for bad actors to play havoc with customers (and surprising ways it’s actually harder!) 
  • How cameras using advanced IOT technology are capable of much more than just intrusion detection 
  • Some of the most pressing security challenges that come from the merging of physical and cyber security assets 
  • How compliance and mandates have been slow to catch up with the lightning speed of security technical trends 
  • Why the stats that show 24% converged adoption depend so highly on company size and type 
  • How advances in virtual and augmented reality can increase security training uptake and acceptance 

By the end of this powerhouse interview, you’ll have some ideas on how to better improve the security of your customers with potentially new and powerfully converged offerings. If you’re responsible for customers’ security, this interview is one you simply can’t afford to miss. 

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