Extreme Remote Work: An American’s Lockdown in Panama

Imagine that you plan to stay a couple of weeks on vacation in a foreign country only to find yourself in lockdown there for over 3 months. This may sound like the plot to a spy book or film, but it actually happened to one of the best-known figures in both the office equipment and managed IT services channels. On this week’s episode of Tigerpaw Radio, our guest is Greg Van De Walker, Senior Vice President, IT Channel & Services at Collabrance, LLC. What started off as a vacation in Panama with his family turned into a much longer stay.

Greg shares some incredibly uplifting stories about his time in Panama, but as a senior executive stuck in lockdown it wasn’t all fun and games. He still had a job to do. Listen in as he shares the incredible details of his time in Panama during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and how he adapted his work routines to not only survive but thrive. A few highlights:

    • Remote work taken to a whole new level
    • The global reality of high-speed connectivity and internet security
    • Why more companies are embracing remote work than ever before
    • Thoughts on video and end-point security
    • How remote meetings can actually be better than ones in person
    • The future of remote work on a global scale
    • Considerations of thoughtfulness and cultural impacts in the age of COVID and beyond
    • How countries are vying for talent with remote work benefits and reach
    • Work/life balance reconsiderations for after the pandemic
    • Tips on sales and marketing when times are really, really tough

This episode is filled with life and business lessons learned from lockdown in Panama for over 3 months. We don’t know what the world will look like after the pandemic, but we do know that the number of people working remotely, either from home or another country, raise important questions about the future of work. Greg helps Tigerpaw Radio to tackle some tough questions around the future of remote work while sharing the adventure and opportunity it brings as well.

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