Flat-rate Billing for Managed Print: A Panel Discussion

If you’re in the office equipment channel or selling managed print, 2020 was nothing less than a kick in the teeth. Volumes and margins were already under pressure, but the lockdowns made volumes plummet much faster and harder than anybody was prepared for. Many dealers reported revenues on the cost per page programs down as much as 70%. Cost-per-page billing isn’t what it used to be. But there’s an alternative. That alternative is flat-rate billing for managed print.

Maybe you’ve been considering a flat-rate program for managed print but are scared that unpredicted costs could bury you. Maybe, you’re worried about how customers will react to flat-rate pricing. Cost per page revenues may be under pressure because of declining volumes and stiff competition, but at least you know how to price cost-per-page effectively and you know how to sell it. Maybe, you’ve been wanting to look into a flat-rate offering but don’t know where to start.

Join Tigerpaw and a panel of flat-rate billing experts as they show you how to take away the fear and drive confidence in a profitable and growth-focused flat-rate program for office print. In the latest panel discussion by Tigerpaw you will learn:

  • Why you need to do flat-rate now. Our expert panel shares their thoughts on why flat-rate is no longer just an option but a necessity.
  • Why an understanding of service costs is critical. Cost predictability for any flat-rate or subscription offering is critical for profitability. Our expert panel will help you understand why and how to get your costing right, every time.
  • How to determine the right devices for your flat-rate offering. Data is king and there is a world of data to help you understand the best kinds of printers and MFDs for your flat-rate offering.
  • Tips and additional resources for flat-rate success. Our flat-rate panel shares their thoughts on other resources and best practices to help you build a flat-rate program built for high margins and success.

If you’re serious about starting and growing a successful flat-rate offering, this panel discussion is one you will want to bookmark and return to often!

The flat-rate panel:

  • Bud Karakey, VP of Customer Engagement at NEXERA, a BEI Services Company
  • Kenneth Edmonds, CEO at 22nd Century Management
  • Earl Everson, Founder at Elite Document Solutions
  • West McDonald, host, Tigerpaw Radio, founder, West McDonald Co.

You can consume the content in the way that suits your learning style best:

Our Tigers are serious about helping you to grow your business and our focus on education is unparalleled in the industry. We trust you are enjoying all we produce!

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