For the CEO

For the CEO

Are You Running Your Business or is Your Business Running You?

Technology service providers are in greater demand than ever. This is great news when it comes to landing new accounts and making money. But, it also means your responsibilities swell to the point where you have almost no time for creating growth strategies or planning for the future. Or, even worse, you get to the point where your family and friends have to make an appointment just to spend time with you.

Streamline Your Business—Take Back Your Life

With real-time dashboards and automated reports, Tigerpaw One provides you with a complete view of your business, as well as the data you need to identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Even better, Tigerpaw One can be accessed easily from virtually anywhere on most iOS and Android devices, so you always have visibility over project management, accounting, sales, marketing and inventory.

Enhanced Visibility

Make informed business decisions with real-time data and departmental information about accounting, sales goals, account management and more.

Streamlined Processes

By automating the tasks that eat up your day, you gain extra time to focus on strategy, business development and other ways to grow your business.

Reduced Costs

Automating processes reduces expenses across the board, as well as allows you to grow revenue without significantly growing the size of your team.

Maximized Productivity

Create automated processes and procedures that help you get the most from your workforce and ensure nothing slips between the cracks.

Increased Cashflow

Reduce the time between delivery of services, billing and payments—as well as improve accuracy and customer support—with automated invoicing and payments.

Increased Sales

With Tigerpaw One, your sales force has the support, information and tools they need to better engage prospects and close deals faster.

Your Day as a CEO with Tigerpaw One

6:30am - Checking In And Starting My Day

I start my day by watching highlights from last night’s game and looking at my calendar and agenda for the day on my smartphone.

8:00am - Getting A Quick Overview Of Everything

I arrive at the office, log on to my computer and pull up my real-time dashboards. I want to see the prior day’s performance and how that compares to our goals for the day, week and month.

9:30am - Reviewing Sales And Financial Information

I have a meeting with the CFO at 10:00, so I want to look at open accounts receivable and open accounts payable to get a clear picture of our cash flow. I also like looking at the sales forecast and WIP so I know what’s coming down the pipeline.

1:30pm - Pulling Up Pre-meeting Information

There’s a staff meeting soon, so I drill down into the reports to see what’s happening with my larger departments. With the matrix view, I have real-time access to live data that tells me everything I need to know.

4:00pm - Keeping Tabs Of The Sales Pipeline

After the staff meeting, I want to review key items with the VP of Sales and Marketing. What does our pipeline look like? Are we tracking over goal? What percentage of new revenue is coming from existing customers and prospects? What’s our close rate? I already have the data at my fingertips, but I want to discuss our strategy for moving forward.

6:00pm - Heading Home After A Productive Day

I leave for the day to go home to my family. I have peace of mind knowing that whether my team is all under one roof or working virtually, everyone has all the tools they need to be productive, successful and keep the company moving forward.

Specially Designed for Businesses Like Yours

Tigerpaw One delivers complete business automation and administration for all aspects of your business.
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