For the CFO

For the CFO

Balancing the Books Shouldn’t Break Your Work-Life Balance

As the CFO, you’re responsible for ensuring that your company has the cash flow to continue growing. This means that billing, invoicing and expenses need to be accounted for in a timely fashion, and everything needs to be spot-on accurate. Plus, you may also have top-level oversight of inventory, shipments and RMAs. That’s a heavy burden to carry, but that doesn’t mean that your life outside of work needs to suffer as a result.

Simplify Processes to Focus on the
Bigger Picture

With Tigerpaw One, you can leverage automation to make the process of billing and generating invoices faster and easier. Our system ensures that every billable hour and expense is captured, reducing errors and speeding up how quickly you get paid. Plus, convenient dashboards provide you with real-time data so you never have to dig for information.

Faster Billing

All billable hours and expenses are easily accounted for, making the process of generating and sending out invoices quick and easy.

Fewer Errors

Develop an automated system that reduces the chance of human error, including individual billing rules for different levels or types of clients.

Isolated Accounting Data

See real-time reports about accounts receivable, accounts payable, client status, payroll, inventory, cost of goods and more.

System Integration

Integrate your accounting software—Quickbooks, Peachtree, etc.—for greater visibility and more fluid processes.

Automated Payments

Accept automated credit card or ACH payments, as well as receive one-time or ongoing payments through an online portal.

Purchasing & Inventory

Tigerpaw One empowers you to view the status of on-site inventory, purchase orders, RMAs and more all from one convenient interface.

Your Day as a CFO with Tigerpaw One

5:30am - Getting A Quick Overview Of My Day

Before going on a morning run, I check my smartphone to see my schedule and calendar for the day.

8:30am - Pulling Up Essential Financial Data

I have a meeting with the bank, so I pull up historical information regarding cash on hand, current accounts receivable and expenses, as well as forecasts for the next 12 months.

10:00am - Prepping For An Important Meeting

Meeting with the CEO. We go over the total net income for this month, monthly expenses, how much revenue per FTE and how we’re tracking on this goal.

1:30pm - Checking On Inventory, Orders And Expenses

The schedule calls for a staff meeting at two. I know inventory will be a question, so I pull up real-time information regarding purchase orders, inventory on hand and off-premise inventory.

3:30pm - Putting Together The Month’s Billing

It’s time to start working on billing. Fortunately, I’ve automated so much of the process that all I’ll need to do is a quick QC review before invoices go out to our clients.

6:00pm - Heading Out After A Fulfilling Day

Time to hit the gym. I get in my car knowing things are running smoothly, the company is growing and that nothing slipped through the cracks.

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