For the IT Field Technician

For the Field Technician

Spend Your Time Helping Clients, Not Messing Around with Paperwork

A lot is riding on your shoulders as a field technician. You meet face-to-face with your company’s clients to provide the service, support and expertise they need to keep their business running smoothly. Appointments and deadlines need to be met, and things like paperwork and waiting around for client information makes it much harder to do your job and keep customers happy.

Mobility and Automation Let You Focus On What’s Important

The Tigerpaw One remote web portal gives you instant access to customer data, inventory information, journal notes, project status, service history and more from virtually anywhere. Additionally, the mobile app simplifies and minimizes paperwork by putting service orders, time reporting, expenses and other reporting features at your fingertips via your iOS or Android mobile device.

Complete Mobility

Thanks to its remote web portal and mobile app, Tigerpaw one gives you 24/7 access to all the client data, reporting tools you need while in the field.

Simplified Ticketing

Save time and speed up service to the customer by automating ticket generation, then track the process from initial technician dispatch to job completion.

Easy Time Entry

Tigerpaw One makes entering billable hours and expenses easy through our remote web portal and intuitive app for smartphones and tablets.

Client Data Access

Using a laptop, you’ll enjoy easy access to client contact information, RMM data, work order history, open tickets, billing status and much more.

See Inventory

Need a specific part to complete a work order? Tigerpaw One makes it simple to look up inventory on your laptop, as well as put in purchase requests.

Faster Implementation

Automatically generated projects and service tickets allow you to get to clients more quickly and provide the highest level of service and support.

Your Day as a Field Technician with Tigerpaw One

6:30am - Checking In To See What’s New

While walking the dog I check my email. It looks like Dr. Stobaugh’s emergency care clinic is having network issues. I’ll be headed straight there this morning instead of to the office.

9:15am - Accounting For Billable Hours Worked

Finished up with the doc’s clinic and reported my time through my phone. Another ticket came in. Good think I have everything I need right here in the palm of my hand.

10:00am - Getting Instant Information On Inventory

Looks like I’ll need a part from the warehouse for this one. System says we have one in stock, so I’ll finish up what I’m doing and run by to get what I need. The client will be happy to know I’ll have everything back up and running before he gets back from lunch.

1:00pm - Moving On To The Next Project With Instant Dispatching

Another ticket taken care of. I report everything through the mobile app. Another ticket came in. This one looks like a bigger project that might take a while.

6:30pm - Punching Out After A Great Day’s Work

I end my day with yet another satisfied client. I register my hours and head home in time to take my dog to the park. I can enjoy my evening knowing that nothing slipped through the cracks.

Designed for Your Job and Your Company

Tigerpaw One delivers complete business automation and administration tools for all aspects of business.
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