For the Sales Manager

For Sales Manager

Developing Leads into Sales Isn’t Easy—But It Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

As a salesperson, you’re in the business of turning complete strangers into valued customers. It’s not an easy job—it takes patience, resolve, instinct and outstanding communication skills. But, when you’re waiting for qualified leads or bogged down in paperwork, it makes it a lot harder to make appointments, prep for meetings and follow up on quotes.

Automate So You Can Focus On Closing Deals, Not Filing Paperwork

With Tigerpaw One, leads are instantly assigned, pipeline reports are kept up to date, client information is easily assessable, quotes are automatically generated and commissions are calculated instantly. All this means you can spend more time doing what you do best: closing deals and making money.

Increased Sales

With Tigerpaw One, you have the support, information and tools they need to better engage prospects and close deals faster.

Automated Leads

Leads collected by marketing are qualified and automatically assigned to a cold caller or salesperson for immediate follow-up.

Instant Documents

Simplify the process of creating properly branded, customized quotes, proposals and SLAs with easy-to-use document automation.

Faster Implementation

Get your new client the help they need—and make a great first impression—with automatically generated projects and service tickets.

Performance Tracking

Enjoy total visibility over leads, conversion rates, outstanding quotes, sales goals and commissions from your laptop or smart device.

Simplified Quotes

Tigerpaw One dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to create and send out customized quotes to prospects and customers.

Your Day as a Sales Manager with Tigerpaw One

5:30am - Prepping For A Productive Day

First, I do yoga. Once I’m centered, I check my calendar, agenda and email on my laptop. Looks like I have a couple of calls to make first thing, a quick staff meeting and a meeting with a potentially lucrative client.

7:30am - Reviewing Proposal Status And Monthly Goals

Get into the office, make myself some tea and sit down to go over new leads, outstanding proposals that need following up and where I am in relation to my goal for the month. Looking good!

8:00am - Getting Easy Access To Prospect Information

Time to start making calls. Fortunately I have all the data I need right at my fingertips.

10:30am - Analyzing The Pipeline For More Effective Marketing

Meeting with the VP of Sales and Marketing. We go over the analytics from our last email marketing campaign, review where everybody is on making their sales goals and discuss upcoming opportunities.

1:00pm - Collaborating Quickly Across Departments

Lunch meeting with the prospective client. Meeting goes well, and he asks me if I can have a proposal sent over before the end of the day.

4:30pm - Sending Clients Instant Quotes And Proposals

I’ve been back in the office for only a few minutes when my boss informs me the client has the proposal. Looks like I have some follow up to do tomorrow.

6:00pm - Heading Home After An Amazing Day

Headed out for a quiet night at home. It’s been a great day, and I can fall asleep tonight knowing that nothing slipped through the cracks.

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