For the Service Manager

For Service Manager

Keeping Clients Happy Shouldn’t Stress You Out

You know happy customers are the key to a thriving, successful business. Your company has entrusted you with making sure the right technician is put on the right job so that the client is completely satisfied with the result. If that weren’t enough, you also have to track your technician’s hours and keep tabs on inventory going out on jobs. It’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed—even on a good day.

Leverage Automation to Work Smarter,
Not Harder

Tigerpaw One provides the tools you need to deliver outstanding service and support to your clients. Quickly capture tickets and help desk requests, then assign or dispatch a technician to the job based on the client’s specific needs. You can also create processes for field technicians to instantly report billable hours, inventory used and any associated expenses to make billing faster.

Simplified Ticketing

Save time and speed up service to the client by automating ticket generation, then track the process from initial technician dispatch to job completion.

Resource Management

Ensure the technician with the right skill set gets assigned to each job, as well as manage inventory levels, purchase orders and RMAs.

Time Tracking

Managing billable hours and expenses is simplified and streamlined through our mobile app and user-friendly web portal.

Improved Reporting

Using a laptop or smart device, your field technicians can get RMM and client data, record expenses, log billable hours and more.

Intelligent Dispatching

Automation tools and personal management dashboard make prioritizing projects and dispatching service technicians simple

Sla Management

Tigerpaw One provides SLA management capabilities that help you easily define service level agreements and track their compliance.

Your Day as a Service Manager with Tigerpaw One

8:00am - Getting A Good Look At What’s Hot For Today

My day starts with a cup of coffee and a quick look to see if any new tickets were generated. One came in last night around 9:30 and three others came in earlier this morning. Looks like it might be a busy day.

9:00am - Easily Assigning The Right Person For The Job

Already have technicians out in the field and I’m tracking their progress. Another ticket came in—I assign Jonsey to it once he’s done with the Stobaugh account.

11:30am - Delivering Reports On Inventory And Purchases

Getting pinged by the CFO about any outstanding inventory issues. I review data in the system and tell him we’re still waiting on a shipment from one of our less-reliable vendors, but that’s all.

2:00pm - Reviewing Billable Hours Made Simple

We’re getting close to billing time. So I open the portal and review my technician’s hours. Looks good! I’m glad we’re using this new system—it makes everything much easier.

4:00pm - Managing Personnel And Projects With Ease

All my techs are coming in, so I review everything to ensure all inventory used is accounted for and that they completed filling out their expenses and billable hours. Doesn’t take long because they do all that from their tablets in the field.

6:00pm - Signing Out After A Busy Day

Shutting down my computer and headed out the door to meet my girlfriend for dinner. I had a great day, and now I can enjoy myself knowing nothing slipped through the cracks.

Designed for Your Job and Your Company

Tigerpaw One delivers complete business automation and administration for all aspects of your business.
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