For Office Equipment Dealers, the eCommerce Genie is Out of the Bottle

The office equipment channel has traditionally viewed MFD, copier, and printer sales as far too complicated to be handled through online marketplaces and eCommerce sites. Today, eCommerce is viewed as either a great opportunity or an enemy not to be ignored. The eCommerce genie is out of the bottle for office equipment dealers. 

In this episode of TigerTube and Tigerpaw Radio, Norm McConkey, Creator of MPS Toolbox, and Tigerpaw’s West McDonald shed light on why—and just as importantly, how—dealers can thrive in a marketplace economy. 

You’ll learn: 

  • Why ignoring marketplace and eCommerce options for print, copy and MFDs is no longer an option 
  • The print-intensive verticals that will continue to print large and profitable volumes for smart dealerships 
  • Why dealers must focus on the “S” in SMB to win more deals in less competitive situations 
  • The power of selling and servicing “THINGS” to grow your business instead of wild swings towards entirely remote services like Managed IT 
  • How to curate selective lists of printers and MFDs to better serve the customer in a marketplace full of options and distractions 
  • How initial eCommerce sales can grow into much larger opportunities 
  • Why Google’s “buy local” algorithms can’t be fooled and can only be satisfied with simplified eCommerce and other web-based search options 
  • How forms and other web-walls can’t win against easy and intuitive eCommerce options 

If you’re an office equipment dealer who is sitting on the fence about the importance of eCommerce solutions for your growth, this episode is for you.  


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