From Russia with Love: The Front-Line Efforts to Keep Us Safe from Rogue Drones

We live in a world that is seeing more and more drones enter our skies. According to the FAA, at last count, there were over 1.5 million registered drones in the United States, and that number is climbing rapidly. The drone market is projected to grow to $129 billion dollars at 56% CAGR according to Grand View Research. For managed services providers and IT integrators, this is a massive opportunity. Tigerpaw Radio is excited for you to listen in and learn how you can take advantage of it. This episode is filled with great ideas on how you can do just that.

You might own a drone yourself or at least know somebody who does. Drone technology for personal and commercial use is everywhere. Unfortunately, not all drones out there are being used for good. There is a dark side to the drone world, one in which bad actors are using them for more nefarious and dangerous ends. In a recent article, Unmanned Airspace made it clear that there are many who would use drones to make our world less safe – protesters, disruptive rule breakers looking for YouTube fame, criminals and spies, and yes, even terrorists. For all the cool factor that drones have brought into the technology world, there is a danger growing in our skies at an alarming rate.

You might be wondering what’s being done beyond government regulations to protect us? The good news is that there are anti-drone solutions of all kinds in development. In today’s episode of Tigerpaw Radio, we have an interview from the heart of Russia with Vitaly Mzokov, the Head of the Innovation Hub at Kaspersky. Kaspersky has developed an innovative anti-drone solution that reduces the potential for human harm and property damage that could redefine how we protect our skies and assets.

In this episode you’ll hear:

· A revolutionary approach to anti-drone methodologies that keep people and assets safer than ever before

· Eye-opening uses for drone technology that you would never expect

· The channel opportunity for both drone and anti-drone integrator and provider.

“From Russia With Love: The Front-line Efforts To Keep Us Safe From Rogue Drones” is packed with incredible information on what you need to know about how the drone and anti-drone world is changing, and just as important, how you can grow your business by being part of the solution.

We are excited for your feedback and comments, feel free to drone-on as much as you like! Terrible pun but an incredible episode!

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