GAP Intelligence Exclusive: Why Dealers Can No Longer Ignore the Consumer Print Market

The dividing line between what the Office Equipment Dealer (OED) channel sells and what consumers and SOHO offices would buy has always been a big one. Talk to any managed print provider and they’ll be the first to tell you why consumer grade printers simply aren’t a good fit for business customers. But has the continuing proliferation of remote work and home offices changed that? 

In this exclusive interview with Valerie Alde-Hayman, Senior Analyst at gap intelligence, you’ll get access to the statistics and market trend analyses that could forever change your mind about the consumer print market and its potential impact on the OED channel. You’ll learn: 

  • How early adopters of omnichannel and eCommerce options for print are reaping the rewards of starting early 
  • Why Amazon deliberately left the printer market to other marketplace providers 
  • Why prices are up by 15% or more across the board for printers for the first time in recent history 
  • What shifts are influencing and dramatically changing buying behaviors 
  • How the scarcity of traditional printers is driving massive adoption of alternative print technologies 
  • Insights into the 65% decrease in printer availability 
  • How the double whammy of COVID and secular decline spell terrible news for the printer channel 
  • Exclusive views of gap Intelligence data that could dramatically improve dealer insights for future decision making 
  • How gap Intelligence gives back and how you can do the same by supporting their “Drives for Rides” program. Who doesn’t want a tee time in gorgeous San Diego?! 

As the world of managed print continues to evolve, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the statistical trends that could drive future opportunities for your dealership. Consumer-grade or the ultimate solution to the remote work problem facing your customers and your bottom line? Watch or listen in to find out! 

You can access the gap Intelligence interview and market presentation here:


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