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What We Heard From Security and Alarm Dealers at ISC West

ISC West 2023 is in the books, and the energy and interest in security technology was phenomenal. Over 600 exhibitors and nearly 30,000 attendees spent four days learning, networking, and finding solutions. Security and alarm dealers who spoke with the Tigerpaw team left with a whole new perspective on what’s important in choosing software to run their business. We had great conversations and heard about the same problems again and again—problems that Tigerpaw is made to solve.  

Here are some of the top challenges security and alarm dealers shared with us at ISC West: 

What we heard from security and alarm dealers at ISC West  

Breakdowns due to multiple silos and disconnected processes

When you run your business using a collection of spreadsheets and multiple systems that don’t talk to each other, it’s far too easy for things to get off track. From technicians who don’t track their time to inventory holes that mean running out of parts to billing delays that strangle cash flow, we heard from many security and alarm business owners who feel like they don’t have control of their company. They’ve been putting Band-Aids on individual problems, but because none of their systems work together, this just creates more manual work to keep the business running. Some are using 20-year-old software that’s coming to the end of its life, and they’re looking for a single platform that will streamline operations. We can help with that! 

Preparing for a generational transition in company leadership

We talked with several business owners who attended the show with their son or daughter and were looking for ways to prepare their business for handover to the next generation. The goal is to clean up processes and get the company running profitably so the owner is comfortable retiring, and the new leader is positioned for success. We’ve helped many companies make this transition—in fact, Tigerpaw is family-owned and family-led, and our CEO is second generation.  

Frustration with messy software implementations  

We continually heard “We’ve been trying to implement another software for months and it’s just not working for us.” A lot of this came down to a lack of communication or a misrepresentation of how the platform would fit into their business. Software designed to work in one area, like technician dispatching or inventory management, did not align well with their internal processes and other software in place. We hear this a lot, and it often comes down to where the conversation starts. Tigerpaw approaches this differently than many of our competitors. More on that later… 

I need a company that understands the security and alarm industry 

We get that—everyone wants to deal with partners who understand the issues facing their industry. Today, 42% of Tigerpaw customers are in the physical security business. What’s really interesting, though, is that over half our customers provide a combination of services: security and alarm, voice/unified communications, managed IT, A/V services, managed print, two-way radio, and more. We’ve been helping our customers transform their businesses for the past 39 years, and that means we’ve navigated a lot of change ourselves, too. 

Because Tigerpaw is a platform to run your entire business, that makes it easy to add services and new lines of business. Tigerpaw positions your business for growth, whether you’re ready to do that now or further down the road. 

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What makes Tigerpaw different  

What problems brought you to our booth today?

A lot of software companies jump right into product demos to show off all the bells and whistles. Our approach is different. Tigerpaw’s platform is full of powerful tools, but without knowing the challenges your company is facing and aligning your needs with our software, we’d just be taking you on a “harbor cruise” of features. Our software is extremely robust, which is what makes it work so well to improve communication and productivity across your entire company. 

Instead, we always begin with a conversation about the problems that are getting in the way of your business success. That’s part of Tigerpaw’s Proven Process, and it’s a big piece of what sets us apart from the competition.  

Tigerpaw’s Proven Process for Better Business and Better Sleep 

Tigerpaw is end-to-end business software, but our goal is not to sell you a platform and walk away. We’re a partner whose entire focus is built around helping our customers run better businesses. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of businesses successfully implement Tigerpaw to save time, save money, and generate more revenue.  

Our engagements start with a business alignment discussion where we explore the problems you’re facing and determine if Tigerpaw could help solve them. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll let you know right up-front. Once we agree our companies are a fit, we continue coming back to those problems while we work together through commitment and implementation. That’s to ensure onboarding and training are set up with the right priorities in mind, allowing you to get the most out of the software as quickly as possible. And once Tigerpaw has been fully implemented, you have a Customer Advocate assigned who will work with you on a regular basis to make sure your questions are answered and you’re taking full advantage of everything the software can do.  

Check out Tigerpaw’s Proven Process for yourself. 

So, when we asked security and alarm dealers at ISC West, “What problems brought you here today?” it’s because that’s the way we start all our conversations. And while taking time to talk through your business challenges and the real dollars they are costing you might not be every software company’s approach, we’re confident it’s time well-spent to ensure you have the greatest opportunity for success in improving and growing your business. 

Interested in learning more? We’d love to have a conversation with you, too. Let’s talk about the better way to run your technology business.   

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