How Digital Marketing Can Power Your Technology SMB Growth

One of the biggest hurdles to growth as a managed technology provider is knowing when or if you should be investing in paid marketing for B2B leads. When your budget is limited and you’re not very familiar with how digital marketing works, it’s hard to evaluate these options compared to more traditional sales and marketing practices. You know you need to build your marketing efforts to foster more leads, but where to start?

Join Tigerpaw as we interview Eyal Katz, Head Honcho at mvpGrow, one of the leaders in the B2B growth marketing world. He will show you precisely what you need to know to bolster the growth of your tech services organization using the power of online marketing. In this eye-opening interview you’ll learn:

  • How super yachts and Eyal Katz are connected
  • Why digital advertising could become your best lead generator
  • When to use paid marketing on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean strategies for digital marketing success
  • When and how much to invest in B2B  marketing depending on your company size
  • Competing with bigger wallets and accomplishing more

Eyal makes paid digital and social marketing accessible and easy to understand. If you’re looking for actionable advice on how to generate more leads and stronger growth, this interview is for you!

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