How the Gamification of Cybersecurity Changes the Game for Good 

According to a report by Cisco, 50% of organizations encountered ransomware-related activity in 2021.  And that’s just one of the threats. Social engineering, click-bait, waterhole attacks, phishing, spear-phishing, whaling, and a ton of new text-based attacks are all on the rise.   

The greatest threat to an organization’s safety online remains the same as it’s always been: their employees. We know employee training is important in reducing cybersecurity risk, but how do you get people to do it…and do it without groaning about it?  

The answer: Gamification! Join host West McDonald, Chief Noise Maker at Tigerpaw Software, and Clint Bodungen, Co-Founder / CEO & Chairman, ThreatGen, as they dive into a game called “Red vs. Blue” that delivers important cybersecurity training that people will actually look forward to. 

  • How malware tools like Trickbot remain so effective in 2022 
  • Why it’s so important to attach strong emotional responses to training activities to ensure long-term learning 
  • How the idea for “Red vs. Blue” as a cybersecurity training game was sparked in 2013 
  • The role of Grand Theft Auto in showcasing how modern game engines can make gamification of nearly anything possible 
  • The power of game-based learning for the new WFH (Work from Home) movement 
  • Why we need to give end-users more credit for their intelligence when they are given the right tools for long-term learning 
  • How free gamification tools like Crowdpurr make it possible to create your own gamified training for your staff and partners 

As the threat landscape continues to grow and evolve, you owe it to your business to do all you can to better educate your people and improve your security posture.

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