How the Tigerpaw Customer Portal Helps You Provide Kick-Ass Service

The Tigerpaw Customer Portal helps you provide superb customer service and sales

As a technology services small- to medium-sized business, your customers are your life. And providing them kick-ass customer service is your daily goal. But, man, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to make it easier to meet all of their needs?

Enter the Tigerpaw Customer Portal.

First, a little overview. The Customer Portal is an online, 24/7 help desk for your customers. There is no limit to how many accounts you provide portal access to either. And, like all Tigerpaw One features, the Customer Portal is included in your monthly subscription. No add-on costs or fees that you then have to pass on to your customers.

When we’ve done Tigerpaw user surveys in the past few years, it’s always mind-blowing how many Tigerpaw users say they don’t utilize the Customer Portal. Let’s change that. Here’s how the Customer Portal will help you provide kick-ass customer service:

General features

This feature may be called the Tigerpaw Customer Portal, but it really is your portal for your customers. So, we made the Customer Portal customizable, including the ability for:

  • Your company to customize the portal with your brand and logo.
  • Customer admin users to edit company information, as well as manage user permissions.
  • Individual users to customize the layout of the homepage dashboard using drag-and-drop.

In addition, the Customer Portal allows your customers to update overall company information, such as when an employee leaves or a new hire comes aboard, and view related accounts if they have multiple locations.

And instead of your customers calling the main line and trying to track down the right person to talk to, they can view the account rep, the service technician assigned to an individual ticket or the lead contact for a project and email them directly from the Customer Portal.

With all of these general account features, you’re not having to spend time fielding multiples calls and emails from your customers in order to update basic information — freeing you up to make more sales and concentrate on billable activities like service calls.

Streamlined sales

Finding new customers takes a lot more time and effort than providing new products and services to existing customers. They already know and love you (hopefully)! So why not make it easy for them to learn about your entire stack of solutions and request quotes? That’s exactly what the Tigerpaw Customer Portal does for you.

On the homepage, there is a space for you to put in rotating ads that showcase your existing services or promote some newly available products.

From there, customers can also request quotes for those additional products and services and then edit, sign and print quotes. A streamlined sales process that doesn’t include picking up the phone or making a site visit? Yes, please!

But don’t forget about collecting the money. The Tigerpaw Customer Portal helps you get paid quicker too. Your customers can view their current open balance, review and print invoices or credit memos and, if you have bill pay set up, submit payments and manage payment methods.

Quick service

As an online, 24/7 help desk, the Customer Portal, of course, streamlines the service ticketing system, allowing customers to:

  • Open a new service order/request service
  • View and print service orders
  • View key fields and print contracts, agreements and RMAs
  • Review and add service order notes and attachments
  • Sign and/or approve service orders

And all of this data syncs with your Tigerpaw desktop application, Employee Portal and Tigerpaw Mobile. No transferring of notes from one system to another. The customer enters in the information, your techs put in updates that the customer can see and everyone saves time in the process.

On top of that, customers can review projects and stay updated in real time by tracking progress and even printing the project details. In addition, customers can review their asset list, track warranty expiration dates and request service for a specific asset.

Taking advantage of the Tigerpaw Customer Portal

Quite simply, the Customer Portal provides your customers access to data when and where they want it while you save labor costs and increase customer satisfaction. Start using it and the rewards will follow!

As a Tigerpaw user, you have access to the entire Tigerpaw Academy, including courses, videos, user guides and more to help you implement the Customer Portal. Head on over to the Academy and get started today!

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