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From Battlefields to Boardrooms: The Impact of Military Veterans in Cybersecurity 

In any country that values freedom, we honor and uphold the incredible contributions of the military personnel that allow us to have it. But what happens to those veterans when their military service comes to a close? What lessons can their experience bring to the technology world, and in the case of today’s interview, specifically to the world of cybersecurity? 

Join West McDonald, Chief Noise Maker at Tigerpaw, in this important interview with Professor Neil Curtis, Senior Executive, Cybersecurity Business Development at DXC Technology. They explore how powerful past military and policing experience can be in delivering unparalleled value to the corporate world. In this interview you’ll hear: 

  • About Neil’s experience as a Leopard tank operator and other military experiences 
  • Why Neil now heads the Veterans programs for Australia & New Zealand 
  • The unexpected intersection and power of military experience, emotional intelligence, and diversity and inclusion 
  • How the tactical nature of military operations and cybersecurity expertise provides incredible parallels 
  • Why hiring veterans and their spouses is one of the best moves a company can make for increasing corporate value and strength 
  • The invaluable necessity of emotional intelligence when moving from a “top down” command structure to one that has more lateral connections 
  • The impact of AI on destabilizing security paradigms and why we must pay attention 
  • Advice for non-coders looking to make a profession in the cybersecurity world 

Professor Neil Harris has been recognized and received awards from IFSEC as a global Cybersecurity Influencer and thought leader, and this is an interview you do not want to miss! Military veterans have so much to offer the technology sector as threat vectors continue evolve and diversify. 

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