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Your managed print and MFD business is changing. Fewer printed pages. Shrinking margins. Mega dealers driving the race to the bottom. Decentralized workplaces. Your customers are looking for more, and you know that means modernizing your business. But where to start? Unlike the typical ERP in the office equipment and managed print industry, Tigerpaw is a true partner. Our software helps efficiently manage and automate your current business while our team of convergence experts guides you through new ventures, such as managed IT. Let’s manage more than print together. 

One ERP for
All Your Business Lines

Since 1984, Tigerpaw has been helping companies just like yours run efficiently and evolve their offerings to do more for their customers. Our software goes beyond your current ERP by offering all the tools and features — including unlimited, live support and ongoing training — you need to manage print and IT services in a single, user-friendly platform. We’re committed to your success. 

Our Vision...All New Features

You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Tigerpaw has been working with managed print providers just like you through our MPS Insiders Group to develop an ERP unlike any other in the industry today. Together we’re creating a set of tools that will meet your existing needs, plus fill in product gaps you’ve been missing for far too long.  

Benefits of Tigerpaw One to Your Managed Print Business

Customer Support & Service

We aren’t some investment company that wants to sell you shelfware. We’re a family-owned software company invested in your success. So when you need support and service, our Midwest-based team of experts is available via live chat, email or phone — your choice — at no extra charge. We also offer an entire Tigerpaw Academy, training library and daily Ask the Expert sessions to make sure you’re getting the most out of Tigerpaw.

Metered Billing & Contracts

You’re used to a certain set of industry-specific tools and functions. We’ve got you covered. Using integrations with leading metering tools, Tigerpaw One monitors assets and auto-generates service tickets as well as creates and sends invoices based on meters, estimated readings, contract minimums and more. We’re also the industry’s first provider of seat-based billing for managed print, if that’s in your plans (and it should be!). No matter how you prefer to bill your customers, Tigerpaw One can do it all.

Technician Time Tracking & Utilization

With Tigerpaw One, not only can you capture accurate time and expenses for each project, ensuring each billable hour is accounted for, but you also can ensure your employees aren’t under-utilized. With real-time, accurate data, you can calculate profitability based on each account, contract and/or project and make adjustments as needed. Your C-Suite will thank you.

Crm & Sales Automation

Keep your sales team up-to-date and busy. Access real-time customer details and history, make updates and enter notes from the Tigerpaw desktop, web portal or mobile app. Plus, you have complete visibility into the entire sales pipeline with the ability to sort, manage and prioritize open opportunities as well as set up automatic reminders and alerts so nothing falls through the cracks.

Managed It Integrations

Tigerpaw One integrates with managed services industry-leading RMMs to automatically create service tickets and deliver real-time asset information. Whether you’re ready now or in the future to add managed IT services to your business, you can hit the ground running. There’s no need to use (and pay for) two different automation software platforms.

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