Inside the Cannata Report: An exclusive look into a pillar of the Office Equipment Channel

If you’re in the Office Equipment Channel, you’re likely familiar with the Cannata Report. Today you’ll get an inside view of the workings of this publication that’s been part of the channel since 1981. Join Tigerpaw’s West McDonald as he speaks with CJ Cannata and Scott Cullen, diving deep into the current and future challenges facing the industry. You’ll learn:

  • How the Cannata Report came to be and the surprising response from Konica Minolta
  • How they made the leap into the age of digitization
  • The importance of Frank’s early efforts and the current branding philosophy linked to all he is
  • Why Scott Cullen believes that a true journalistic approach is so important to the reporting
  • CJ Cannata’s take on what the new normal will look like (and why there’s no looking back!)
  • Thoughts on the future of remote and hybrid work
  • Why we should all be paying more attention to Visual Edge and Keypoint Intelligence
  • How Frank Cannata is still a model for us all when it comes to embracing change

As the rate of change we face continues to accelerate, CJ and Scott share insights gained from the decades of work they’ve done with some of the most prominent dealers in the channel. You do not want to miss this one.

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