3 Ways to Engage with Clients as Managed IT Services Provider

In order to become a managed IT superhero, you need to be highly visible to your customers.

Has a friend ever asked you: “If you could have one super power, what would it be?” Maybe you said super strength or perhaps you’d like to be bulletproof. Odds are you didn’t once think about being invisibility. Why? Because not being seen means nobody knows what you’re doing!

What’s this got to do with managed IT services? Let me explain.

One story I hear all the time from IT services providers is that their customers have no idea the amount of work they are doing to keep their networks humming and safe. You spend a lot of time behind the scenes making sure their IT assets run trouble free and sometimes that is actually a bad thing.

I’m not saying you should do a poorer job and let things break more often, but you need to ensure your customers are aware of just how much work you are actually doing! Invisibility is NOT an IT superpower in the eyes of those you serve; it’s actually more like kryptonite. Have you lost customers to price from competitors you’ve never heard of before? Then the good job you are doing for them is going unseen (in other words: INVISIBLE).

So how do you fix this problem? It’s simple actually: Become more highly visible. Make sure that your good work doesn’t go unaccounted for. Here are three ways you can do that: 

1. Send regular reports on preventative actions taken

This sounds like a no-brainer but I’m surprised at how seldom many of us don’t send customers regular reporting on issues avoided and the myriad of actions taken to manage their networks seamlessly.  Make them aware of:

  • Disasters averted: You’ve likely prevented mayhem and madness, so make sure you detail those heroic feats!
  • Preventative success: Quantify how the preventative actions in play have saved them when they didn’t even know they need saving.
  • Hours of downtime averted: The one thing none of us have enough us is time so show them how much they’ve gotten back thanks to using your services!

Many of these reports can be automated and sent automatically, so check with your business automation platform provider to see how you can set them up. We’re all busy, but never too busy to keep our customers in the know. Nobody likes the silent treatment and regular reporting is an awesome way to keep them in the know.

2. Schedule quarterly reviews

Most managed IT offerings are by their nature automated and managed through a variety of software tools in our stack. Super effective, certainly, but also super stealthy.

People still love to have the human touch, to speak with their partners, and quarterly business reviews are great ways to keep your relationship strong. If you’re customers forget what you look like it, makes it way too easy for competitors to form the relationship that you’ve neglected. People buy from people, and if they know your competitors better than they know you, well, forewarned is forearmed, as they say.

3. Solve new problems for them

When is the last time you refreshed your stack? What services are your customers using from other providers that you don’t offer? Are there services they could benefit from today that they aren’t using at all?

One good example is managed print services (MPS). You can help them with automated toner fulfillment, user based billing and software tools that will help drive down their printing costs and other workflow inefficiencies. By offering MPS you could add an additional $17 to $24 per seat. That’s a lot of extra revenue and margin, and your customers will thank you.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about on this one, well, we need to talk!

Start being visible

The three tips above will ensure the kind of regular contact you want with your customers to ensure they understand, always, the value that you provide them with your managed IT services program. And who knows, you could actually gain some new business from them in the process. Invisibility isn’t a managed IT services superpower, but regular contact and updates certainly are!

Now it’s your turn! Do you have some awesome ideas to share on how you’ve defeated the invisibility syndrome? What’s your superpower, what have you discovered that has allowed your managed IT business to soar to new heights? Your ideas matter and we can’t wait to hear them!

Getting started

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