Is Your Business Recession-Proof? Find out at Total Tech Summit

TTSSponsorHeaderRecessions. Might as well be a four letter word. If you’re old enough you’ve lived through one, two, or a few and they never get any easier. My first was the early 1980s and I’ll never forget it. I was only a boy then but I’ll never forget the day my Dad came home in tears because he 

lost his job. It was another 4 years before he would work again.

Recessions. Since the great depression; the financial disaster that coined the term “The dirty thirties”; there have been 13 or so recessions. Some say we could be headed for another one sooner than later. We’ve had a longer than usual growth phase with the U.S. economy and there are indicators that this could contract in a big way. Is your business ready for this potential downturn? As a business owner in the technology world I’m sure it might keep you up some nights.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are a bunch of ways you can Recession-proof your technology services business that will ultimately serve your business well, even when times are good. At this year’s Total Tech Summit, Tigerpaw Software will be sharing ways you can recession-proof your business. We’ll be speaking there and sharing some incredible and proven strategies to make sure you’re ready in boom times and bust. A few teasers you can look forward to:

  • Business Armor: Some business models are more recession-proof than others and we’ll be sharing the ones we’ve seen work. Prominent models see customer abandonment of 30% or more even when the sun is shining at it’s brightest, while others have proven to have attrition of 10% or less no matter the economic climate.
  • Less Is more: No matter what line of business you are in, managing the bottom line is one of the two most important things you can do to ensure the health of your business (the 2nd one is in my next bullet!).
  • Winning by default: The 2nd most critical aspect of any healthy business is revenue growth. We’ll share thoughts around gaining more wallet share from your existing base as well as ways to win more net-new contracts than ever before, recession or no recession.

If you’re going to be at Total Tech Summit we encourage you to attend one of the 3 sessions we’ll be presenting on how to recession-proof your business. We speak at the following times:

  • Tuesday, November 5th at 10:30am for group 12
  • Wednesday, November 6th at 9:55am for group 5
  • Wednesday, November 6th at 10:40am for group 10

We’d love to see you drop by the Tigerpaw booth as well which is located at #704. There is nothing we’d like more than to talk with you about your business and your plans for growth and improvement.

Of course if you’re interested in recession-proofing your business and you’re not going to Total Tech Summit, we’d love to talk to you at your convenience! Hopefully before the next recession. To learn more about Tigerpaw, contact us at, 800-704-9009, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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