Marketing & Sales During A Pandemic

As business owners move through the COVID-19 pandemic we have to be careful in how we allocate resources: existing customers are buying less, and gaining new customers is harder than we ever thought possible and to say it’s affecting revenues is a gross understatement. It’s natural to think that we should reduce our sales and marketing efforts until customers are in more of a buying mood, it’s also a deadly mistake. Now, more than ever in the history of our businesses, we need to focus MORE on sales and marketing. Join Tigerpaw Radio in a deep-dive series of webinars, podcasts & blogs, as we talk with progressive vendors and dealers about how they are not just surviving during the pandemic but growing – even as their competitors continue to lose ground.

Webinar Details:

Overview: In this powerful panel-driven webinar we speak with 4 of the industry’s top minds as we explore the important elements of successful sales and marketing structures during the pandemic.


 Some questions we explore are:

  1. With revenues down and people spending less, why spend more time and effort on sales & marketing?  
  2. In person meetings for sales reps has taken a hit.   What are other ways that sales reps can stay in front of their prospects successfully? 
  3. Upsell or prospect for new customers? What is the right mix during these crazy days? 
  4. Marketing always seems to be one of the first casualties of budget reductions. Is this good? Bad?  
  5. What are some COVID friendly and powerful marketing tricks, or is it business as usual on the marketing front? 
  6. If you had 1 piece of advice for our audience, what would that be? 

Catch the replay here

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