Marks on Paper: Distributors Talk About the Future of the Office Equipment Channel

The office equipment channel has faced significant challenges through the pandemic. Declining pages, microchip shortages, and the decentralization of the workforce have all played havoc on dealers and those involved in supplying organizations with copy, print, and related services. 

It’s not all bad news, however. For those looking to grow, two of the channel’s heavyweights—Greg Welchans, President at DM Supplies Network, and Jim Cerkleski, Executive Chairman at Clover Imaging Group—recently shared their ideas about what dealers must do to survive and thrive in a post-pandemic world.  Combined, Clover Imaging Group and DM Supplies Network provide more dealers and customers with print-related supplies than pretty much all other distributors combined. 

Some highlights from this  interview with 2 industry titans:

  • People first: How protecting essential workers was priority #1
  • How even the largest distributors could change their minds about the value of remote work and productivity
  • Surprising opportunities that were born of the pandemic in unsuspecting areas
  • The importance of disaster preparedness
  • The perplexing decline AND growth of A3 opportunities for the channel
  • The importance of diversification and change
  • Touching and funny accounts of golf, Brussels sprouts, George Washington and Bitcoin!

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