Mastering Growth in Turbulent Times: Interview with Michael L. Cozzens 

We’re nearing the end of 2022. There’s talk of a looming recession just around the corner. Interest rates and inflation are sky high. For those in the Office Equipment Channel, all the pages you were promised would come back after the pandemic are nowhere to be found. We know we must do things differently in order to grow in these turbulent times, but where to start?   

Join West McDonald, Tigerpaw’s Chief Noise Maker, in this hard-hitting interview with Michael L. Cozzens, SVP of U.S. Sales at Visual Edge IT and MPS Top 100 member as they talk through important strategies for those that want to experience hyper growth no matter the economic climate. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • Top growth strategies from a leader of a company with over 300 sales reps and 34 companies nationwide 
  • How to evaluate new business ideas while maintaining focus on what got you where you are today 
  • Why we can’t be “everything to everyone” and how to diversify with laser precision 
  • Why change should be embraced for those looking to unleash growth, no matter the economic climate 
  • How to evaluate and make decisions on the best business practices for growth far beyond 2022 
  • The importance of peer groups for those looking to leverage best practices from the best 
  • Why compensation models must adapt to drive new behaviors in a world dominated by subscription revenue and MRR 
  • Why brand enthusiasm isn’t just okay but rather something to be embraced 
  • Golden leadership and growth lessons from somebody who walks the talk better than anybody in the industry 

If you are looking to accelerate your growth in 2022, no matter the channels you serve, this interview is a must. Be sure to leave your comments and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss another important piece of content designed to help you better your business so you can sleep better at night. 

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