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Monthly Recurring Revenue: The Future for Commercial Integrators

Monthly recurring revenue is key to growing a sustainable managed services business. How does this fit into the world of integrators, where project-based revenue is the norm? Dan Ferrisi, Editor in Chief at Commercial Integrator, joins Tigerpaw’s West McDonald to share why he believes that MRR can become a reality in the channel. You’ll learn: 

  • Why CapEx can be less appealing than OpEx spend for integrators 
  • The benefits of moving to an MRR business model 
  • How the new remote-work reality could prove to be a huge MRR opportunity for those providers savvy enough to package it correctly 
  • Why low gross margins on product-based sales are so dangerous to the viability of the commercial integrator channel 
  • How the sales process can be accelerated with subscription-type offerings vs. capital acquisition models 
  • How diversification is taking root in the commercial integrator space and why adding new business lines is important to customers 
  • One piece of important advice on what will define those who succeed with MRR vs. those who will fade away 

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