More ROAR Than Ever Before: Tigerpaw V21.1 has Arrived!

If you’re looking to automate more of your business processes to free up time and resources for what really matters (like growing your business), you’ll be happy to know that Tigerpaw version 21.1 has arrived. It is jam-packed with new and updated features that are going to take business process automation to new heights.

So what is all this new roar we’re talking about? Here are some new stripes and highlights:

Price Book item groups

You know what messes with service tech utilization? Sending the wrong tech to service a device when you could have dispatched a tech with more experience related to the need. You know who no longer has to do that? YOU! These new price book item groups allow you to improve your service dispatch based on actual skillsets and the equipment being serviced. Your service techs will be a lot more efficient and have more time to wow all your customers.

Related Price Book items

Creating quotes and fulfilling complex orders shouldn’t feel like a nightmare every single time you do it. The process of generating an order can not only be time-consuming, it can also make for more mistakes…and mistakes don’t make happy customers. Tigerpaw is excited to let you know that these new related Price Book items will tie all the parts, consumables, and accessories together for everything you sell.

EZ Order Wizard

Do your contract administrators spend time creating nearly identical orders from scratch every time? No more! Tigerpaw will allow your contract admin and sales team to more quickly generate high volume and repeatable orders with ease thanks to the magic of the new EZ Order Wizard. This new feature will eliminate many manual steps in the ordering process and will give your team more time to generate revenue!

Asset location support

If you’ve ever sent a technician to the wrong customer site or to the wrong location within a customer’s office, you know just how frustrating and time-consuming such mistakes are for everybody involved. Thanks to new asset location support features, you can more easily dispatch your folks to the RIGHT location every time.

An incredible set of new stripes and features to make running your business more effective and efficient than ever before!

Are you ready for more ROAR than ever before? It’s easy! If you are a Tigerpaw Unleashed hosted customer you’ll automatically have access to the new features on May 17, 2021. If you have Tigerpaw installed on your own equipment, you can download version 21.1 HERE.

If you’re reading this and aren’t yet a Tigerpaw customer, what are you waiting for? One of our Tigers is ready to help you learn about the power of Tigerpaw to accelerate your growth and give you more time to impress your customers. Contact one of our Tigers HERE today!

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