Introducing the 2021 Top 100 MPS Influencers

of the Office Equipment Channel

The Office Equipment channel and those who provide Managed Print Services are on the verge of an exciting, yet challenging transformation. Digital workflows, the move to remote work, and escalating competition mean businesses need to do something different to continue growing. Thought leadership, collaboration, and toolset innovation have never been more important. With that in mind, Tigerpaw Software is proud to present the Top 100 MPS Influencers of the office equipment channel.

Unlike some lists that are “pay to play” or simply by referral, this list was built through a rigorous workflow that took dozens of factors into account. We tracked activity, influence, and connections. We looked at not just the quantity of activities, but also the quality of influence of the activity.  

Our goal with this effort and Tigerpaw’s promise to you? To uncover and spotlight an ecosystem of fresh thinkers and changemakers driving the future of the Office Equipment channel. If you’re looking to grow your business or want to stay current with industry trends, we encourage you to connect with the changemakers on this list. We’ll be conducting podcast interviews with many of these industry experts over the coming months — subscribe to the Tigerpaw blog to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

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Introducing the 2021 Top 100 MPS Influencers of the Office Equipment Channel

  1. Andy Slawetsky, Industry Analysts
  2. Art Post, Stratix Systems
  3. Patricia Ames, BPO Media
  4. West McDonald, Tigerpaw & West McDonald Co.
  5. Ray Stasieczko, TEASRA
  6. Pat McGrew, McGrew Group & MC2 Services
  7. Brent Hoskins,  BTA
  8. Tawnya Stone, GreatAmerica Financial Services  
  9. Louella Fernandes ,  quocirca
  10. Bob Evans, Function 4
  11. Saundra Merollo,  Sharp Electronics Corporation 
  12. Rick Lambert, SelltoWIN 
  13. Earl Everson,  elite document solutions 
  14. Eric Crump, Ringdale
  15. Mitchell Filby, First Rock Consulting  
  16. Bob Goldberg, SFN&R
  17. Amy Weiss, BPO Media
  18. Gregory Brisco, Something New LLC
  19. Grad Rosenbaum, HP
  20. CJ Cannata, CANNATA Group 
  21. Adam Gregory, Advanced Business Solutions
  22. Valerie Briseno,  BTA
  23. Robert Palmer, IDC
  24. Scott MacGreggor, Something New
  25. Rick Taylor, Corporate Advisor 
  26. Rob Farrell,  Smart Print
  27. Greg Walters, Greg Walters Inc.
  28. Brent Martin, Arlington Industries
  29. Erik Cagle, ENX Magazine 
  30. Jim George, Donnellon McCarthy
  31. Melissa D Whitaker, Whitaker International
  32. Mark Hart, ACDI  
  33. Sarah Henderson, Wells Fargo  
  34. Aaron Rubin , Docutrend  
  35. Ron Alphin, ABM Federal
  36. Matthew Schotten, PaperCut
  37. Noelle Kull, Kull Communications International
  38. Michael Stramaglio, Stramaglio Consulting
  39. Chelsey Bode, Pearson-Kelly Technology ,  
  40. Darrel Amy, Convergo
  41. Jim Cerkleski, Clover Imaging Group
  42. Brian Stevenson, footPRINT Managed Services
  43. Ann Priede, Canon Solutions America   
  44. Laryssa Alexander, ECI
  45. David Ramos, Visual Edge
  46. Kate Kingston, Kingston Training Group
  47. Aaron Dyck, ES99 
  48. Bob Madaio, Sharp Business USA ,   
  49. Mary Schilling, INKjet Insight
  50. Bill McLaughlin, Kaseya
  1. Laura Blackmer, Konica Minolta
  2. David Polimeni  RITE Technology
  3. Wes McArtor, NEXERA
  4. Andre D’Urbano, RISO
  5. Christian Burton, Pipeline Upgrade
  6. Oscar Sanchez, KYOCERA
  7. Mike McCurdy, Integrated Technologies Inc
  8. Fred Morrone, Kyocera Global
  9. Jay McCall, DevPro Journal and XaaS  
  10. Robert Sethre, HP
  11. Valerie Alde-Hayman, GAP Intelligence
  12. Robert Dutt, Channel Buzz
  13. Lou Usherwood, Usherwood Office Technology
  14. Kevin Leary, Flex Technology Group
  15. Greg Kaplan, Canon USA
  16. Dawn Abbuhl, Repeat Business Systems
  17. Mike Hicks, EMB
  18. Venetta Diesel-Varney, Millennium Business Systems
  19. David Clearman, Muratec America, Inc
  20. Dan Bombard, Yuma Office Equipment
  21. Bernadette Wilson, B Wilson Marketing Communications 
  22. Lindsey Hearst, HP
  23. Darren Cassidy, XEROX
  24. Patrick Adesso, DEX Imaging
  25. Greg VanDeWalker, Collabrance
  26. Tim Baechle, ePac Flexible Packaging
  27. Pete Basiliere, Monadnoc Insights
  28. Jeff Dotzler, Gordon Flesch Company
  29. Michele Cockins, Toshiba America
  30. Scott Cullen, CANNATA Group
  31. Rasmus Lukunka, DM Supplies Network
  32. Greg Welchans, Supplies Network
  33. Joseph Contreras, Epson
  34. Greg Gumpright, Sharp Electronics Corporation
  35. Douglas Cole, Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc.
  36. Michael Weir, Hewlett-Packard 
  37. Charles Bethel, Flex Technology Group 
  38. Karen Lachtanski, Y Soft
  39. Dan Boehmer, DM Supplies Network
  40. James Turner, Kentico Software
  41. James Rouse, Brother International
  42. Carl Schell, Keypoint Intelligence
  43. Jason LaComb, Toshiba America
  44. Jerry Newberry, PROS Elite Group 
  45. Tom Callinan, Flex Technology Group
  46. Brett Butler, Excel Office Services
  47. Jeff Gau, MARCO 
  48. Chip Miceli, Pulse Technology
  49. Todd Lee, Wells Fargo
  50. Dan Larkin, Marco

To those on this list, we extend our gratitude and thanks for continuously going above and beyond to promote positive change in the office equipment channel.