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Our Business is Helping People Run Their Business

Founded in 1984, Tigerpaw created the only end-to-end software solution that ties all aspects of your business into a single, robust application. We’ve empowered users around the world to sell more, service clients better and grow their businesses faster by:

  • Increasing revenue without adding staff
  • Decreasing billing time by up to 90% with automated payment processing
  • Closing more sales opportunities with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Boosting service technician utilization and billable hours

Founded in 1984, Tigerpaw created the only end-to-end software solution that ties all aspects of your business into a single, robust application. We’ve empowered more than 40,000 users around the world to sell more, service clients better and grow their businesses faster by:

  • Increasing revenue without adding staff
  • Decreasing billing time by up to 90% with automated payment processing
  • Closing more sales opportunities with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Improving productivity and profitability
  • Boosting service technician utilization and billable hours

Designed for Technology Businesses Like Yours

As a technology services provider—MSP/VARvoice/unified communicationsaudio/video installersecurity and alarm installer or managed print provider—you won’t find a more comprehensive, field-proven professional services management and business process management software solution than Tigerpaw One. We deliver complete business automation and management across all aspects of your business: organizing and streamlining operations, building a marketing and sales pipeline, optimizing your customer’s experience and understanding your metrics. And, because we specialize in technology businesses, we can provide a level of service, training and support that truly sets you up for success.

A Business
Based on Values

At Tigerpaw we take great pride in doing what we do and strive to provide you with software solutions that deliver everything you need to run a successful and productive business.

People Matter

At Tigerpaw, we understand great things can only be achieved with the help of great people. We spend a lot of time focused on company culture and making sure our employees are happy and secure, properly equipped for success, and motivated to bring their best every day.

Customers Are People

We never lose sight of the fact that our customers are people – all working hard to keep their businesses going and their families secure. Whether we’re putting together new training content, designing new features and functionality, or helping a customer through a technical challenge, we always keep in mind that our customers are individuals who are using Tigerpaw One to increase success for their businesses and their personal futures.

Be Authentic

We embrace and celebrate uniqueness and diversity of thought. We have created an environment where our employees don’t have to have a “work self” and a “home self” but rather are supported and appreciated for who they are at all times.

Don’t Be A Jerk

Life is too short to spend time with unpleasant people – and we have a zero-tolerance on jerks. We don’t care how good you are at your job, if you can’t work well with others you can’t be here at Tigerpaw.


We have survived (and thrived!) 36 years in business – including the transition of first generation to second generation leadership as a result of constant evolution. We are always seeking new and better ways to do things – from our products to our internal processes to the ways in which we serve our customers; we understand that our continued survival and success depends on us never standing still!

Our Leadership Team

Passionate, focused, dedicated, and quirky as all get out — the Tigerpaw Leadership Team lives and breathes by our core values and hires people with the same beliefs to join our Tiger family. We believe in leading by example. We believe our customers are not numbers in a database, our people are not expenses on a payroll ledger, our software is more than just lines of code, and our company is made stronger by our differences, passions, and endless movie debates. We believe in creativity, the power of process, and that sometimes the perfect meme or gif is the best way to communicate (or “jif” if you like being wrong).

We are passionate about our families, proud of the team we have built, and always working to help our customers build and run better businesses.

And if you’re looking for a career home — if you believe in helping your clients and teammates succeed; if you dig the odd, the nerdy, the quirky geekiness of the wild, wild web — maybe you will be the next Tiger to join our team.

We’re always looking for passionate and quirky Tigers to join our Ambush*, like the suspects in this lineup:

*A group of Tigers is called an “Ambush” or a “Streak.”

James Foxall

President & CEO

James is a recognized leader in the world of business automation, team building, leadership, and rock ‘n’ roll trivia. He prides himself on creating genuine and lasting relationships with our customers and our Tigers. With more than 30 years’ experience in commercial software development, a BS in Management Information Systems, a Masters of Business Administration, and more than a dozen books on technology written (when did he have time for those?) — well, it’s easy to see why our Tiger-in-Chief is a speaker in high demand.

He’s given keynote speeches underwater, written rock songs, solved a Rubix cube in 52 seconds, and he even has a Tigerpaw tattoo (but he won’t tell us where it is). A devoted contributor and collaborator, James is a member of the CompTIA Technology Lifecycle Services Executive Council and Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

If not in his office filled with TARDIS (TARDISes?), lava lamps, and assorted Sci-Fi and Tigerpaw memorabilia, James can be found with a guitar in his hands or discussing the newest videogames with the team. Passionate about company culture and mentorship, James is just as likely to be working on business strategy and vision as he is wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt and moderating a Star Wars debate in the bullpen.

Joel Vaslow

Chief Operating Officer

Joel is our expert strategist who thrives on removing obstacles, setting our team up for success, and eating a daily peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He channels his analytical and strategic mindset to help our team synthesize information and then develop and implement creative solutions to business challenges. He’s able to keep a 10,000-foot view of the organization while still caring for the individual trees in our jungle, all the while working to enhance our team’s overall tigery glory. Joel holds both an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Industrial Psychology which he’s quick to point out qualify him to analyze data rather than people.

When he’s not trying to solve the latest business puzzle, Joel can be found cheering on his favorite sports teams – college and pro, in person and on TV. He cheers for many teams based on his experience living in eight cities across seven states and some random teams that only make sense to him. In the warmer months, he can often be found at the baseball diamond cheering on his sons.

Dan Deluca

Director of Development and Operations IT

highly caffeinated lover of coffee and Mt. Dew, Dan finds joy in finding software patterns. Dan’s IT career began early when he wrote his first computer program at 8 years of age. He holds two master’s degrees, an M.S. in IT Management and an MBA. He now has two decades of experience in IT and over a decade in leading software development teams. He is passionate about building reliable, user-friendly software.  

When he is not wrangling software developers, Dan spends his time with his wife and four kids. A true bibliophile, he loves to read and collect books. Dan has a strong belief that peanut butter is the world’s most perfect food and once dipped in chocolateit is a combo that cannot be beat. Don’t ask him to share his stockpile of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs!

Trevor Moses

VP, Customer Success

Trevor Moses leads our Customer Success team. He enjoys guiding a team that is making a positive impact in our customers’ and our team members’ lives. In the past, Trevor has held senior leadership roles in several markets including managed print, transportation, and software. He is a creative thinker who can bring new ideas and top-line growth to competitive industries.

When not plotting how to help his team give customers the best service ever, Trevor is happiest when out on a long trail run or rowing his kayak on the water. He also enjoys spending time with his son and daughter. Always up for a laugh, Trevor shares his love of well-timed Canadian humor with us that includes anything from sharp political satire to Letterkenny. A minimalist at heart, he doesn’t own a microwave, an office chair or a power lawn mower.

Mark Crall

VP. Sales

Mark is committed to helping VARs, MSPs, system integrators, and other solution providers increase profits and customers’ satisfaction through business automation. He has done hundreds of public speaking events over the last 20 years. In the past, he has been recognized as a CRN Channel Chief and one of the Top 150 SMB Channel Influencers.

Mark, his wife, son, and daughter are outnumbered by their pets that include dogs, chickens, and a small herd of whitetail deer that call their property home. His lakeside home offers him ample opportunity to enjoy his other passions of boating and fishing. As one of the many foodies that work at Tigerpaw, he is always experimenting with different foods in his smoker, sear box, fryer, or sous vide. 15 years ago, Mark made a promise to himself that he would never wear a tie again – he’s kept it!

Roary Tigerpaw

Director of Quirky

Roary is the consummate professional Tiger who is focused on keeping the Quirky front and center for our team. Roary has been with Tigerpaw since the very beginning. He has lent his own paw print to our trademark logo; and he can be found in the background of many Tigerpaw photos. Roary uses his tiger speed to cover a lot of ground as he ceaselessly works to remind us to embrace our quirkiness, have fun, be friendly, put people first, and let our geek flags fly.

A seasoned traveler, Roary doesn’t talk much about his globetrotting time tramping through the jungles and savannahs around the world; however, he says he is most at home roaming the high plains of Nebraska and the Silicon Prairie. Although he has served in every department and had an impact on every one of us at Tigerpaw, it is in his current role as the Director of Quirky that Roary has truly found a way to give back to the company and the team he loves. He is much more than our company mascot: He is the embodiment of our core values and team spirit.

Passionate about company culture and team development, Roary spends his days encouraging our team, high-pawing us over our successes, providing comfort and coaching when we need it, and debating with Katy Perry fans on Twitter over the use of #ROAR (Roary maintains he was using it first).

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