Release your inner tiger

You deserve to love going to work
(it feels weird at first, but you’ll like it)

*insert generic corporate text about a job you’ve read before* — Wouldn’t it be nice if a company didn’t do that? Let’s give it a shot. At Tigerpaw, we care about our customers, our employees, our product and so much more. We’re passionate about learning and trying new things. We value authenticity, transparency, and giving all team members the opportunity to make a difference. Do you want to be challenged, enjoy time with coworkers, and love coming to work? 

Maybe you’re the tiger we’re looking for.

Why Work at Tigerpaw?

We’ve been driving technology, software, and business innovation for more than 35 years.  We’ve made it this far by continuing to learn and evolve. 

We encourage our team members to let their geek flag fly and be their authentic selves. We welcome their energy, enthusiasm, and the things they are passionate about. 

Because of our size (about 50 team members), everyone’s voice can be heard, and everyone’s contributions are easily noticed. 

We embrace modern ideas on leadership, company culture, and team building.  We work hard but we always find ways to make work fun. 

Our team is like a work family — our team members genuinely care about each other, about our customers, and about the success of our business. 

In short: Tigerpaw has all the benefits of a modern digital startup, only backed by 35+ years of success, company stability, a culture we love, a leadership team that cares about the work and our people, and — you know — actual profits (unlike many startups). You get to do awesome work, help our customers’ businesses be more successful, and have fun while doing it. 

Have fun. Learn. Laugh. Get $h!t done. Repeat. 

If those sound like ideals you would be proud to stand by, then read about what else Tigerpaw has to offer. 


The Perks of Being a Tiger

  • Relaxed, laid back, fun-loving company culture  
  • We respect and encourage a healthy work/life balance 
  • Casual dress code 
  • Flexible work arrangements 
  • The best meetings you’ve ever been in – short, organized, refined 
  • Transparency — know what’s going on at the company 
  • You can speak your mind to anyone and not be punished for it 
  • Time off for the volunteer opportunities of your choosing  
  • For those who choose to work in the office: 
      • Random Nerf wars (take a break and shoot your teammate) 
      • A rec room that’s bigger than some offices (no, seriously) and offers a slew of activities, including ping pong, video, arcade games, and indoor driving range 
      • Company-hosted happy hours 
      • Off-site outings, grill outs, and barbeques
  • Oh, and our mascot is a tiger, which is pretty awesome.

But don’t just take our word for it …

Make your mark on the future of Tigerpaw today.

Check out the current openings and throw your hat into the savanna.