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Streamline your business for success and let our Training and Support be your best asset with our knowledgeable support team, online resources and Customer Portal with 24/7 access.

Tigerpaw Academy

Discover the Tigerpaw Academy, an innovative program that allows our partners to track employees’ results and overall company progress regarding how best to use Tigerpaw’s solutions within your own organization. Now you’ll know exactly how your employees are faring—where their strengths and weaknesses are to help you better find the right place for every individual on your staff.

In addition, we’ve rebuilt our entire library of online courses, providing detailed instruction as well as quizzes and certifications for completion of a course. Your employees’ success will unlock additional courses, ensuring that they can continue to develop their skills at a pace that best suits them.

We designed the Tigerpaw Academy to provide our partners with the scalability, flexibility and accountability they need to maximize the value from their Tigerpaw solution.

Top Training Experts

The Tigerpaw Training and Education experts are committed to helping your associates and managers perform at their full potential. Our team combines industry expertise, knowledge and extensive background in all training methodologies, from printed Quick Start Guides to instructor-led classes to the latest in e-learning, webinars, Quick Start Guides, Wiki on-line help, videos, live recordings, regional training and other technology-based delivery methods.

Our team of highly skilled training experts offer the power of real-world implementation to help get your business up and running in a timely manner.

Knowledgeable Support Team

We are dedicated to helping you meet your business objectives by providing first-class support on all Tigerpaw Software products. Customer service is always our top priority. We believe that every user should be able to call us and talk to a knowledgeable Tigerpaw Software team member. With Tigerpaw you get our world class service. Anyone in your company can call our toll free support line, 800-704-9009, and get help from a US based expert. We have a weekly average hold time of 4m 35s.

Professional Services

We offer professional services to support your unique IT needs that fall outside of our software support services, such as helping to install your SQL and convert your database. Call today to discover how you can reduce implementation time and maximize the value of your software investment with our professional services.

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