Post-Pandemic Strategies for Growth Starting TODAY

We’ve all had a tough time of it these last 6 or so weeks as our businesses have been forced to adapt during the pandemic. We’ve had all hands-on deck just to make sure our businesses can survive. Of course, we all look forward to the time when we are on the other side of this nightmare. The question we need to ask ourselves right now is: What will our businesses look like then? What kinds of things should we be doing today to get ready?

In this week’s episode of Tigerpaw Radio we met up with Darrel Amy of Revenue Growth Engine to talk about just these questions! Darrel is a published author, established thought leader and renowned public speaker who has spent his career helping dealers and providers to develop and execute on powerful revenue growths strategies.

Some of the highlights from this podcast:

  • Maple Syrup and the profound lessons it has for your business!
  • Why the time to focus on business strategy for our post-pandemic business lives is NOW.
  • War stories from the field during COVID-19.
  • The importance of remote/virtual sales acumen and systems.
  • The lessons mutual adversity is teaching us all as business owners.
  • How the speed of change we are capable of is much more powerful than we think.
  • The only 2 things that drive revenue.
  • The 10% rule and how we can use it to grow exponentially.

Better days are ahead and there is no time like now to start preparing for them. This podcast is chock full of important information to help you not just prepare for your business life after the pandemic, but also to bolster and revolutionize things that you’ve probably been thinking of working on already. Listen in on practical advice for sharpening your business strategies, the types of customers you will focus on, and how you can grow your revenues exponentially.



Post-Pandemic Strategies for Growth Starting TODAY

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