Remote-work Security Keeping You Up at Night? The Remote Security Panel to The Rescue!

We have all been thinking about “digital transformation” for years now, but thanks to COVID-19, we found ourselves transforming much faster than was even remotely comfortable.  Almost overnight, we went from having an office full of people working with tried, tested and secure toolsets to trying to support an army of home-office workers. According to Gartner, this trend towards remote work isn’t going away anytime soon: 82% of company leaders say they will allow their workers to work from home at least some of the time even after the pandemic has faded away. 

We scrambled, we pivoted, we did the best we could to keep up with the needs of folks working from home, but one thing we didn’t know was going to be so scary and hard: Remote security. Don’t panic, Tigerpaw has you covered! In our latest panel series, we gathered some of the top minds in remote security to share their knowledge and expertise in order to help you do a better job of securing your remote workers’ networks and information shares. Our guests all attack remote-security from very different angles.  

Our expert panel for this incredible series: 

  • Brad Fugitt, CIO at Pax8: As an executive at Pax8, Brad oversees the protection of company and customer data as well of protection of infrastructure assets.  Brad lives, breathes, and eats cybersecurity.  
  • Ian Richardson, CEO & Founder at Doberman Technologies LLC.  Ian provides cost-effective solutions for IT departments with an eye on security and business growth. His no-nonsense and customer-centric approach is both refreshing and welcome. 
  • Paul Redding, VP Partner Engagement & Cybersecurity at Compliancy Group.  Ever heard of HIPAA? Paul will not only ensure that you know what it means and why it’s important, he’ll show you how to ensure you are compliant faster than you might expect.  
  • Mark Hart, Executive Director of Business Development at ACDI. Mark has a keen understanding of security as it relates to printers and MFDs and their related hard-copy output, an often ignored and important area of remote security. 

This series will arm you with the knowledge you need to ensure your remote work security is better – and safer – than ever. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and any additional ideas you may want to share, so please leave your comments and help with this important conversation. 

Looking for more roar? Tigerpaw is committed to providing you with the most useful and business-focused learning resources in the channel. Whether you enjoy blogs, podcasts, or videos, there’s sure to be the content you crave!

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