API Information

If you would like to get access to the Tigerpaw API, please email your request to [email protected].

Tigerpaw Software, Inc. (“Tigerpaw”) provides its remote Application Programming Interface (“TIGERPAW API”) as a web service that enables various Tigerpaw components and third-party applications to securely query and update Tigerpaw data in real time.  Your access to and use of the TIGERPAW API is conditioned upon your compliance with these terms and, where applicable, Tigerpaw’s reasonable discretion.  You may not, directly, (or indirectly by authorizing or permitting a third party to):

  • Use the TIGERPAW API for any purpose other than to access key data and applications of Tigerpaw.
  • Use the TIGERPAW API in any manner that is competitive to Tigerpaw including, without limitation, in connection with any application, website or other product or service that also includes, features, endorses, or otherwise supports in any way services competitive to Tigerpaw’s products and services (including the TIGERPAW API), as determined in our Tigerpaw’s discretion.
  • Use the TIGERPAW API for any purpose which does or which might, in Tigerpaw’s discretion, overburden, impair or disrupt Tigerpaw products, services, or related servers or networks.
  • Reproduce any part or all of the functionality of the TIGERPAW API or reverse engineer, reverse assemble, decompile, modify or attempt to discover any source or object code of the TIGERPAW API.
  • Sell, rent, lease, sublicense, redistribute or syndicate access to the TIGERPAW API.

Your access to and use of the TIGERPAW API are currently provided at no charge. Tigerpaw reserves the right to charge you for use of the TIGERPAW API. We will provide notice in the event we decide to start charging for use on our landing page at tigerpaw.com/api.

At any time, Tigerpaw may (temporarily or permanently) terminate your access (in whole or in part) to the TIGERPAW API immediately, with or without prior notice, if you do not comply with these terms or if we otherwise reasonably object to your use of the TIGERPAW API.