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AI-Social Synergy: Revamping Tech Marketing in 2023 

As a technology solutions provider, whether that’s cybersecurity, managed IT, MSP services, or everything in between, the way you help your customers doesn’t look anything like it did ten years ago. Advances in technology have evolved quickly, and your offerings have had to as well. So why do we assume the way we market to our customers doesn’t have to change too? 

Join West McDonald, Tigerpaw’s Chief Noise Maker, and Kelly Stone, a seasoned and forward-thinking SVP marketing executive, as they dive into the ways marketing has changed. They discuss what you as a technology solutions provider should be thinking about so you can better reach your customers in this new era. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • How “Social Marketing” infiltrated the marketing mix over a decade ago 
  • How Kelly’s experience as a journalist with a duplicate byline to somebody else inspired her to build a stronger personal brand 
  • The ways influencer marketing evolved and what it does to power marketing efforts today 
  • How to use Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms to generate more website visits than your competitors 
  • Which social channels work best for which technology verticals 
  • Ways to master marketing trends in 2023 and beyond to keep your customers and prospects paying attention to you and not your competitors 
  • How AI is impacting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as keywords and cookies become less important 
  • How AI and other disruptive technologies are impact how we approach and execute marketing. 
  • How we are getting closer to equity in the technology services world, and how to move the needle even further 
  • Leadership lessons for younger people looking to get into the new world of technology services without having a technology background (aka: Becoming your OWN “main character”) 

As the technology needs of our customers continue to evolve and we adapt to better serve them, understanding how to reach new customers is critically important for growth. This interview is filled with powerful tips garnered from years of social marketing experience and it’s one you don’t want to miss! 

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