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Top Secret MRR: the Shocking Weapon Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know   

One thing every MSP wants is to generate more MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). But how? It’s hard enough to keep competitors at bay let alone find new ways to garner more customer wallet-share. You may think you have run out of new things to sell your customers, but have you? Not even close. Introducing MPS (Managed Print Services) for MSPs.  

Before you roll your eyes, ask yourself this: If you could manage a customer’s print and not have to worry about fixing printers or shipping toner and STILL make extra high margin MRR, can you really afford not to know more? 

If you are serious about increasing your MRR and doing more for your customers, listen to this interview with West McDonald, Chief Noise Maker at Tigerpaw Software, and guests Brian Harris, Director at TotalPrint USA, and Jay Christensen, VP of Channel at Vasion. They’ll walk through just how easy and lucrative adding MPS to your MSP stack can be. In this interview you’ll learn: 

  • How your competitors may already be using MPS as a wedge into your accounts (and not all your new competitors are just MSPs) 
  • How “The Cloud” became an integral part of how you manage your customers, and why managed print must be the same in any DX strategy 
  • Why a cybersecurity offering isn’t complete until you also manage the customer’s printers and copiers 
  • How business automation platforms are adding managed print modules to make it easier than ever to bill MRR for print services 
  • How addressing MPS helps you to deliver on the “one throat to choke” level of service your customers demand 
  • Why as an MSP looking to the future, you need to “be a Fuji and not a Kodak,” and what that means in easy and practical terms 
  • How a band of MPS experts has been gathered by companies like Tigerpaw Software, TotalPrint USA, and Vasion to make this easier than ever for an MSP to deliver right away 

If you are serious about growing your MRR and doing more to help your customers where they need it most, this interview is one you simply do not want to miss. 

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