Security or Bust: An Interview for Our Times with Greg VanDeWalker

Every day there seems to be a new security vulnerability affecting companies of all sizes. In late 2021, log4J vulnerabilities put nearly every major software company into crisis mode, reviewing reams of code around the clock to ensure it was safe. Ransomware and other threats continue to rear their ugly heads. 

Security is one of the most important things companies need to focus on in 2022. Question is, who is going to help them?

Join West McDonald, Chief Noisemaker at Tigerpaw Software, and Greg VanDeWalker, Senior VP of IT Channel & Services at Collabrance, LLC, as they explore the many reasons that office equipment dealers and MSSPs need to focus on security for their customers in 2022. You’ll learn:

  • How top MSSPs (Managed Security Services Providers) are earning over $250/user (and how you can too!)
  • What separates those who succeed with converged services from those who fail
  • The striking relationship between physical and virtual security
  • Why “Managed IT” may not be the only service providers need to offer
  • How making security decisions today will impact the future of the channel 

Greg VanDeWalker is a rare expert who crosses both the MSSP and office equipment channels, and this interview is chock-full of practical advice and prescient predictions for those who want to grow their business in 2022. The importance of security offerings resonates throughout, and you’ll learn about the many ways you can help your customers be less vulnerable in an age where bad actors continue to cause business harm.

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