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Social Selling Like a Jedi Master: A Guide for MSPs, Managed Tech Providers, Nerds & Geeks

What do you do when the low-hanging fruit that got you where you are today is no longer hanging so low? Whether you’re a small or large tech services provider, the sales pipeline can start to feel like a sales black hole.

Don’t worry, because these ARE the droids (err, sales resources) you’ve been looking for. Whether you are an introvert, technology geek, or just somebody looking for a better way to grow sales, this Tigerpaw interview with world-leading social selling expert Janet Schijns, CEO at JS Group, will have you selling like a Jedi Master in no time.  Oh, and you’ll never have to leave your desk to do it! That is the magic of social selling.

Some highlights:

  • What great social selling really looks like.
  • How to easily harness the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to drive more sales opportunities and business.
  • A 5-part recipe for mastering social selling.
  • Why social selling is 180 times more powerful than cold calling.
  • The 45-day social selling formula that turns relationships into business.
  • What the “Minute 20 Rule” is, and why you should care.
  • How to hire social selling experts that are 8 times more likely to hit quota than non-social sellers.

If you’re ready to start selling more and growing more, this powerful interview is one you can’t afford to miss. It is filled with social selling gold and will take you from Padawan to Jedi master in no time.

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