Strategies for Growing Your Business to Sell, Even if You’re Not Ready Yet

Whether you’re looking to sell in the future or just want to position your technology business for maximum growth as quickly as possible, we’ve got an interview you won’t want to miss.  

Paul R. Ruppert, Growth Consultant at Global Point View Limited, spoke with Tigerpaw’s West McDonald about his experience maximizing business valuations. Here’s real-world advice from someone who grew a start-up from zero and sold the company for nearly $500 million in five years. Find out how he did it, plus:  

  • Get a Presidential perspective. Insights gained from Paul’s conversations with five U.S. Presidents and five Vice Presidents in his first career in politics 
  • Think globally. The importance of having a “global” mindset, even when starting regionally 
  • Understand how history illustrates success for emerging technologies. How the birth and proliferation of SMS text messaging demonstrates the value of maximizing growth in ANY emerging technology sector 
  • Play outside your comfort zone to win big. When the risk of playing it too safe far exceeds the risk of going all-in 
  • Blitz-scale. How to use the concept of “blitz-scaling” to grow fast and large 
  • Get that when you’re winning, efficiency is overrated. “If you win, efficiency is important, but if you LOSE, efficiency is irrelevant.” 
  • Understand how Metcalfe’s Law applies to your business. How the value of a business increases geometrically with the addition of each additional business node 
  • Learn the value of living on a pivot. Constantly adapting to micro-changes in market and customer conditions 
  • Hear how to harness the energy of a startup, even if you’re not. Applying a “startup” mentality for massive growth regardless of how long you’ve been in business 
  • What to read next. Paul’s suggested readings for dynamic and powerful growth for business growth 
  • Learn why company founders sometimes have to step away. Sometimes founders need to check themselves for ego-based decision making, knowing when and where to step away 

If you’re ready for hyper-growth and building maximum value in your business, you can catch the interview here: 


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