The Future of the Office Equipment Channel: Predictions by BPO Media

The future of the office equipment channel has never been more in question. What will become of it? What kind of diversification is possible? For those who transform successfully, how will they set themselves apart from the old guard? The best people to answer these questions are ones who work with literally hundreds, if not thousands, of dealers going through these changes right now.

Join Tigerpaw Software as we interview Patricia Ames and Amy Weiss of BPO Media to tackle these questions and many more. In this incredible session, they both discuss what they see as the future of our channel and the kinds of differences we’ll see as it adapts. You’ll learn:

  • How BPO and Workflow Magazine predicted converged services and diversification long before folks ever thought it was important
  • The incredible examples of adaptation that office equipment dealers have already demonstrated
  • Why, in their view, the recession of 2008/2009 was in many ways far worse than the current pandemic
  • How women are bearing the brunt of the pandemic and why that needs to change
  • Predictions for the scope and intensity of the battle to come for the hybrid office
  • Why security offerings may trump managed IT offerings as dealers diversify
  • Insights into ways to get younger people into the channel
  • The surprising indicators of a renaissance of more local product creation and distribution
  • How dealers have set aside competition to help each other when they need help the most

The office equipment channel has never seen such stress on existing business models and product offerings and Patricia and Amy share a ton of gold when it comes to how the future will unfold.  If you care about the channel, if you want to learn some great ideas on how to make it stronger and more future-proof, this episode is for you!

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