The Superpowers of Super Connectors and Why You Need Them in Your Network

In your business life, you probably spend a lot of time (okay, probably not enough) working on growing your network. You are growing your connections on LinkedIn, you belong to a trade organization or two and you are trying to work with as many people in your channel as possible. Why? Because you understand that a strong network can help you to grow your business and introduce you to new ways of doing things. “It’s not always what you know, but who you know” is as true in the digital age we live as it ever has been. Keep growing that tribe.

For all of your networking efforts, you might be missing some of the best connections there are: The Super Connector. “What on earth are those and what exactly can they do for me?” you might be wondering. The term “Super Connector” was coined by Jay McBain of Forrester Research and you can see a list of his top 100 HERE. In this episode of Tigerpaw Radio, we get up close and personal with three Super Connectors so you can hear, in their own words, what exactly it is they do to help improve the quality and effectiveness of your network. If you want to grow your business more effectively and dramatically improve your professional acumen, then this is an episode you’ll want to listen to a couple of times. Here are some highlights:


Select Highlights:

  • How helping others to succeed is the true path to personal success
  • The key differences between “Name Droppers” and “Super Connectors” so you can avoid the first
  • The role of Super Connectors in helping to drive diversity in the workplace
  • What a “Personal Board of Directors” is and why you need one in your life
  • Tips for getting started on building your list of Top 100 connections
  • Lessons on how to use connections for the greater good of your business AND your personal life

This episode of Tigerpaw Radio will give you all you need to start working on your own list of Super Connectors, and who knows, may even help you to become one yourself. If you’re serious about growing the quality of your network to help you succeed, then this episode is a must listen.

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